What Your Foothill Ranch Movers Won’t Move: Four Things


What Your Foothill Ranch Movers Won’t Move: Four Things

When you’ve hired the best Foothill Ranch moving company for a full-service moving packing, you likely assume that the movers will take care of everything in your home. If they’ll deal with your heaviest piece of furniture and your most fragile dishes, why not everything in between?

Unfortunately, as much as moving companies prefer to be helpful, there are just some things that they cannot move for you. It’s important to know about these items ahead of time so that you can properly plan to deal with any items your movers won’t move.

Pantry food

No one expects their moving company to deal with food from the fridge. And you don’t want your perishable food items getting all gross on a moving van, anyway. But you may expect your movers to pack and move all the goods you consider nonperishable from your pantry.

The fact is that most moving companies will deal with certain nonperishable items, such as unopened cans and boxes of pasta and cereal. What they don’t handle is boxes and jars that are already opened. As soon as they’re opened, they’re considered perishable, which takes them off the list of things your movers will pack and move for you.

One thing you might not consider in this list: spices. Because they are so shelf-stable, we often count jarred spices as nonperishable items. But once they’re open, movers likely won’t deal with them. So you can either use up all your spices before you move, throw them out, or pack them in a separate box to take in your own vehicle to your new home.

Hazardous materials

While some movers wouldn’t mind helping you transport your half-empty propane tank left over from grill season, they aren’t allowed to do so. Most Foothill Ranch moving companies don’t have the proper licensing from the Department of Transportation to deal with certain materials categorized as hazardous.

This includes obvious items, such as fuel and oxygen tanks. Anything that’s very flammable or explosive won’t work its way into your moving van. But it also includes less obvious items, such as charcoal and even nail polish.

You should also know that most moving companies can’t move liquid bleach or other corrosive chemicals, such as cleaning or lawn care chemicals. Sometimes they can move these items in they’re sealed but not if they’ve been opened at any point. Again, this is something you’ll need to discuss with your Foothill Ranch moving company before moving day, so you know what they’ll be responsible for and what you’ll take in your own personal vehicle.


You likely don’t assume that your moving company will take your dog or cat on the moving van. But some people do think it’s no big deal for movers to handle aquarium dwellers. Unfortunately, the back of a moving van gets very hot and isn’t a suitable place for live animals of any sort.

Frogs, fish, lizards, and other animals will need to go in your personal vehicle with you. You can, however, move your animals into smaller crates or containers for the ride to your new home. Then, send the larger cages or aquariums with your movers in the moving van. Just be sure to discuss this with your moving company ahead of time, so they plan for what they need to take on the moving van.


Many times, moving companies won’t deal with moving houseplants, for some of the same reasons that they won’t deal with moving plants. The back of a moving truck just isn’t a great place for any living thing – even a plant. Plus, state-by-state restrictions can make moving plants across state lines tricky.

Your movers will likely recommend that you take your houseplants in your own vehicle to their new home. For short moves, however, the movers may agree to take larger plants that won’t fit in a regular vehicle. Just check with them up front to see.

Between cleaning chemicals, pets, and houseplants, you may have quite the load of things to take in your own vehicle that your movers won’t transport. This can be true even if you’re hiring a full-service move. Unfortunately, you can see why your movers just can’t handle all of these types of items.

This is why you may want to have a friend around to help on moving day for a local move. Even if the movers do all the heavy lifting, you may have more than one vehicles’ worth of items to haul to your new home. Just be sure to talk to your movers up front about the things they will and won’t move, so you can be prepared.