3 Important Questions to Ask a Moving Company before Hiring

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When you need to move your home or office, you will have to find the best Moving Company Costa Mesa. Before you discuss anything with a company, it is important to ensure that you are dealing with the mover and not a broker. Once you have found a few movers who seem genuine, you should ask them the right questions.


1. Is Your Company Licensed?

Ask the company representative if they are licensed in the state to operate. However, licensing is just a basic requirement. Ask them for their professional affiliations in the industries. Look for a Moving Company Costa Mesa that has memberships with the following industry associations:


 American Mover and Storage Association (AMSA)

 Better Business Bureau (BBB)


These memberships are signs of high level of reliability. Also ask them if they have the USDOT number from the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration.


2. Ask them if Your Belongings will be Insured?

You will come across many movers who claim to be insured. However, this doesn’t mean that your belongings will be replaced if they get damaged. In the moving industry, insurance coverage for transported items is in terms of the ‘valuation’ of the items. So make sure that the mover provides proper insurance cover. At the same time, their employees should also be covered under worker’s compensation. If they don’t provide that cover, you will be held liable if their workers get injured on your property.


3. Ask About their Transportation & Payment Terms?

Ask the Moving Company Costa Mesa about the payment terms. You should be paying only a small amount in advance and the full amount should be paid only after your belongings are delivered in safe and in full, without anything missing. Discuss this before you sign their services. If anything is damaged or missing, it should be verified in their presence. When it comes to transportation terms, ask the mover if they have any limitations on what items they will transport. There are certain items you should pack and move on your own. This includes:


 Jewelry

 Items of sentimental value

 Weapons

 Medications


Once you have received answer to these questions and are satisfied, ask the Moving Company Costa Mesa for a few references. Also ask them if they have won any awards for their services.