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 How to Discuss Price with Local Moving Company Burbank?

Negotiating price with your Local Moving Company Burbank can be difficult. Especially, if you already don’t have previous experience, it can be a confusing aspect of hiring the services of a mover. How the company charges you is perhaps the first point you will be discussing with them, but there are many other things to be considered. So how can you go about discussing about the price to ensure that everything is clear and that you are getting the most appropriate deal? Here are 5 questions you should ask them.

Can You Offer On-Site Estimate?

Getting an online or over the phone estimate is good, but it will never be based on the evaluation of the site. Ask the Local Moving Company Burbank if they can provide an on-site estimate after having visited your place. Ask them to providing a written estimate and that the final price shouldn’t exceed it. Inform them about all your specific requirements. The estimate should also clearly mention the dates, time frame, and payment method. It is one of the advantages of choosing a local mover that their representatives will be able to visit your home or office for an evaluation.

How much Deposit Do you Need?

Look for a Local Moving Company Burbank that doesn’t need more than 20% of the overall cost as a deposit. Also ensure that the deposit is refundable if the move gets cancelled due to any reason. Ask them about their cancellation policy. Will they refund the deposit if the mover fails to complete the task? The contract should protect your interests as a client.

What are the Additional Services & their Charges?

There are a wide range of services which can be charged as additional services. Ask the Local Moving Company Burbank as to what is considered as extra services under their policy. The information may be a little exhaustive, but it is important that you fully understand the details. This can include services ranging from packing to parking to storage, loading and unloading among others.

So make sure to discuss these points when negotiating the price with the Local Moving Company Burbank. You should ensure that you fully understand all the terms before deciding to hire a mover.