What You’ll See on a Moving Contract

laguna-woods-moving-companyWhen you’re preparing to hire a moving company to move your home or business, one of the essential pieces of the process is the moving contract. This piece of paper is important for two reasons:

  1. It protects you in case of a lawsuit or another issue. This is unusual, but if a problem should occur during your moving process, you’ve got a contract to back you up if you need to bring in a third party arbitrator.
  2. It lays out all the details of the move. This is probably the more useful reason to have and look over a contract carefully. The contract will include all sorts of details about your move – from when and where to how much it will cost. So it’s important to look over the contract carefully to ensure that you’re on the same page with the Laguna Woods moving company you’ve hired.

So what should you look for on the contract? Here are a few things to double check before you sign on the dotted line:

1.Names and addresses

Near the top of the contract, also sometimes called a bill of lading, you should see the names and addresses of yourself and the moving company. The moving company should definitely have a physical address. Any company that provides only a PO Box on the contract is likely a scam.

Also, make sure the contract includes both your current address and the address of the location to which you’re moving. Be sure that these are exactly correct. Even minor typos on this section could cause serious confusion on moving day! The Laguna Woods movers will use the contract to figure out where they’re going, so if the addresses are wrong, you could run into some issues.

2.Dates and times

The contract should also include specific dates and times for your moving process. When are the packers to arrive? When are the movers arriving? When will your goods be delivered to your new home? Be sure all these details are correct in your moving contract.

3.A List of Services

This is where the contract will start to get detailed, and it’s where you need to really pay attention. The moving contract should include a list of services that the moving company is planning to provide to you. You’ll want to look through this list to ensure that everything you want is included, and that you’re not paying for services you don’t want. This is especially important if you’ve created a custom package – like you’re having the movers do custom crating for a few pieces, but otherwise packing yourself

4.Pricing Rates

Most moving contracts with Laguna Woods movers will include information on how the company prices its services. This section will show how much the company charges per mile or by weight, which is more common. It should also show the fees associated with extra services – like carrying furniture down stairs or elevators.

5.Actual Pricing

Of course, you want to know not only what the company’s rates are, but also how those rates are applied to your move. This is the actual price that you’ll pay for the move. Again, be sure you’re not paying for services you don’t want, but that the services you do want are all included in the contract.

When you’re looking at the pricing section, check to see if the moving company offers any guaranteed. Some movers will guarantee the stated price on the contract, unless you choose to add last-minute services. Others will guarantee the price to within a certain contingency – like 5-10%. These movers may increase your final price if the goods weigh more than they estimated, but only up to that contingency.

6.Additional Considerations

The contract should also include details on additional considerations, like how much it will cost for the movers to pack if you don’t get it done in time, or how much additional services could cost.


Finally, check the contract for liability language. Who is responsible for the well-being of the movers while they’re on your property? If one of the Laguna Woods movers is hurt, who pays for workmen’s compensation? Who is responsible for your property throughout the moving process? What happens if something is missing or damaged?

All these questions should be answered in the contract – not just verbally between you and the mover. You might also look for information about where potential disputes will be decided. Some moving companies prefer to use a third party dispute resolution service rather than the courts. This can actually be faster and cheaper for both parties, so it can be a good idea.

When you go through your moving contract and check for all these items, you’ll know that you and the moving company are on the same page, so your move can go off without a hitch.