Tight Budget? Five Tips for Hiring Movers Anyway

ladera ranch moving company 01Tight Budget? Five Tips for Hiring Movers Anyway

If you’re on a tight budget for your upcoming move, you might assume that hiring movers is completely out of the question. But before you roll up your sleeves and offer pizza to all the friends who will help you on moving day, consider that hiring a moving company may actually save you money.

After all, professionals can definitely get your move done in less time, saving you time off work and allowing you time to work on other projects. Plus, if you hire the best Ladera Ranch moving company, you can rest assured that your personal and household goods will be in perfect shape after your move.

With all this said, actually hiring a moving company may not be as expensive as you’d think. Until you actually get a quote and do some negotiating, you never know. So before you give up on being able to afford a moving company, take these five tips for hiring movers on a budget:

1.Get ready to negotiate

Any time you’re dealing with a local, service-based company, there’s room for negotiation in a contract. One mistake that customers often make is assuming that the price on the original written quote is set in stone. It’s not. You can often work with the moving company to get similar services within your budget, or to trim down your list of services so that the move stays within your overall budget. You just need to go into the process understanding that you may need to negotiate in order to get an affordable move.

2.Don’t pay for what you don’t need

Often times, moving customers sign up to pay for services and products that they don’t really need. Be up front with the quoting professional about exactly which services you’ll require, and what you expect to do on your own. Ask about services that you’d like to have, but aren’t sure you’ll have the budget for. You can always take them out of your contract later on.

Moving with a local moving company isn’t an all-or-nothing proposition. You don’t have to pay for the company to do 100% of the work, but you also don’t have to do 100% of the work on your own to make the moving process affordable.

Talk to the company up front about what you need, and then double check your itemized quote. If the quote is still outside of your budget, consider what other services you can cut in order to make the move affordable.

3.Look at custom crating services

Custom crating services are one of the best ways to customize your move. These services apply to certain items that need a special touch for packing. Many people use custom crating services for things like antique end tables and one-of-a-kind canvas artworks. These are items too valuable to leave to your unskilled hands for packing.

Custom crating can save you money by focusing your budget on the items that really need a professional touch. Then, you’re free to toss your clothes into moving boxes yourself, saving some money.

4.Consider a different time

For many moving companies, there’s a particularly busy time of month or even day of the week. Busier times may involve premium pricing, as per the laws of supply and demand. If this is the case, you can likely save some money by moving an an off-peak time. This isn’t the case with every moving company, but it’s a potential avenue of savings that’s definitely worth asking about.

5.Just ask for additional ways to save

Different moving companies in Ladera Ranch will have different savings options for their customers. Some, for instance, will offer coupons and discounts for certain items. Others will offer standard packages that include discounted pricing on services. If you need to fit your move to a certain pre-set budget, just ask. The moving company in question likely wants your business, and will do what they need to in order to earn it – even if that means offering you a discount on their services.

Hiring a moving company when you’re on a tight budget isn’t impossible. And, in fact, hiring professional movers for a reasonable rate can save you time, money, and sanity in the long run. So just use these five tips to save when hiring your next moving company.