Three Reasons to Pay Foothill Ranch Movers to Pack

foothill-ranch-movers-packingWhen you’re getting ready to move, maybe you haven’t thought about paying the Foothill Ranch movers for all the details – including packing. Some people just want to hire movers to do the heavy lifting. And that’s okay, if that’s what you really want.

But don’t just assume that you can’t hire the movers to do the packing because you happen to be on a tight budget. In fact, many Foothill Ranch moving companies offer great deals on packing services. And others allow you to customize the services you choose.

So maybe the movers pack a more difficult room, like the kitchen, but leave the rest of the home to you. Or maybe they’ll offer custom crating services for your electronics, pieces of art, and other valuables that are more difficult to pack.

Either of these is a good option, but having the Foothill Ranch movers do all the packing can be a good option, too. Not sure about this? Here are just three good reasons to consider hiring the movers to do your packing, too:


1. Packing Takes So Much Time

The packing and unpacking part of moving is a little like labor and childbirth. Once it’s over, we tend to forget how harrowing and time-consuming it was!

So unless you’ve moved quite recently, you’ve probably forgotten how long it took to pack your home or apartment the last time you moved. Are you prepared to put hours – if not entire days or weeks – into packing all of your belongings? If not, hiring movers to do it for you can be helpful.

And even if you think you have time, be sure to look at this time leading up to your move as a whole. For instance, do you have to do lots of paperwork and coordinating for buying your new home? Do you need to buy things for the new home? How about changing your kids over to a new school? All of these things take time – and that’s time you may not have if you’re also trying to pack all of your belongings!

2. Packing Materials Are Expensive

Sure, you can go to a grocery store and ask for second-hand boxes for free to pack your things in. But these boxes aren’t a good option for everything you need to pack. Fragile, heavy items – at the very least – need sturdy boxes free from rips and weakness.

And then there are all the packing materials you’ll also need to buy – the paper, tape, tape dispensers, etc. All of those costs can really add up.

So if you’re even considering getting quotes from Foothill Ranch moving companies about packing services, ask about how much of the fee is related to the materials needed to pack your home. You might be surprised at how much of the fee is related to materials, which you’ll have to pay for one way or another.

You might even save on the actual packing materials if you pay the pros. They’re likely more efficient than you, and will probably conserve more boxes and packing tape, while also getting everything in your home packed properly.

3. Proper Packing Means Less Damage

One of the harrowing parts about moving is always the uncertainty of having your goods arrive in excellent condition at your new home. Of course, there are never 100% guarantees, as accidents happen to even the best, most professional movers. But proper packing can help prevent these problems, ensuring that all your worldly goods arrive in your new home in great condition.

If you’re not 100% sure how to properly pack especially your more fragile, sentimental, or valuable goods, ask about custom crating solutions for these items. The best Foothill Ranch moving companies offer custom crating, which gives a completely customized packing solution for a particular item or items.

Custom crating can be an excellent way to keep your most valuable items from being damaged, while still sticking to a tight moving budget. Pay the pros to custom crate some of your items, but then pack the rest yourself.

This can be especially helpful if you need to balance your budget with the necessity of having some items properly packed. You can cut down on your costs, but still afford to have your big screen TV, your electronics, your custom artworks, or your antique furniture carefully crated so that these items arrive in perfect condition.

As you can see, paying for packing can actually be a good idea that might save more in the long run than it costs. But it all starts by getting moving companies’ quotes for the services you’re interested in. You never know if packing will suit your moving budget unless you ask.