Portable Storage when moving to Laguna Woods?

laguna woods moving companies 024 Tips for a Great Portable Storage Experience

Most of the time, you don’t need storage during the moving process. You’ll just get from one home to the next within a Saturday. But sometimes, you’ll need to store your household items for a while. Maybe you’re making some renovations to your new home, or building. Or maybe you haven’t even found a new home yet because your current home sold really quickly.

Either way if you need storage during that awkward between-homes time, consider using a portable self storage unit. These are much like the traditional self storage option, but they’re actually much more convenient.

Here’s what you need to know about this great option, and some tips for making sure it works well for your needs:

How does portable self storage work?

Portable self storage is a lot like the traditional option. It’s secure, and the units come in a variety of convenient sizes. However, it’s even more convenient than traditional storage because it comes to you.

Basically, the best Laguna Woods moving company will bring a shipping-crate-like storage unit to your home. You’ll pack it up – or contract with the movers to pack it for you. And then when it’s full, they’ll move the unit to their secure warehouse, where you can store your stuff indefinitely.

Once you’re ready to unpack your household goods into your new home, the movers will bring it back to your home. Again, you can unpack it yourself, or you can contract with the movers to do it for you. When it’s empty, they’ll take away the unit for someone else to use.

Clearly, this is a more convenient option than traditional self storage, which requires you to load and unload your stuff multiple times. Here are four tips to ensure that this convenient experience is great:

1.Use professional boxes

Even if you’re just moving from point A to point B within a day, you’ll need some boxes. But, often, you can get away with lower-quality boxes if you’re move is straightforward. And you may even leave some items out of boxes, just fitting them into the moving van wherever they’ll fit.

When you’re packing a portable self storage unit, though, you’ll want to make the most of your space. The best way to do this is by using sturdy, high-quality, standard-sized boxes. These boxes will stack up nicely all the way to the ceiling of your storage unit.

Yes, they’re more expensive. But high-quality moving boxes can save you money in the long run by better protecting your things and by making the best use of your storage space.

2. Pack boxes well

What is good packing? Good packing means that nothing inside your boxes moves and shifts around during the move. Items that move inside a box are more likely to break. So take time to pack each box tightly – especially if it contains fragile items.

You’ll know a box is packed well when you can shake it gently and not hear or feel anything moving or shifting inside the box. If you hear or feel movement, stuff in some more balled-up packing paper.

3. Pack the unit purposefully

When you’re in a hurry to get your storage unit packed, it’s easy to start throwing things in at random. But this won’t serve you well in the long run. You’ll wind up wasting space and being unable to fit everything into your storage unit that needs to go there.

Instead of approaching the process willy-nilly, take time to pack the storage unit carefully. Put the larger items into your storage unit first, and then pack the small items around the large things. This will ensure that everything fits properly.

4. Pack the unit tightly

It’s just as important to pack your unit so that things don’t move and shift around as it is to pack boxes in this way. You may need to tie some items down – usually the unit has loops and hooks to allow for this. But the main key is to pack the unit with as much stuff as you can. More boxes means less movement.

The best Laguna Woods movers will keep your storage unit box as level as possible during shipment. But they can’t avoid every bump in the road. The best way to keep your items from damage and breakage is to pack the storage unit tightly.

When you’re moving but aren’t quite ready to unpack into your new home, a portable self storage unit may be just what you need. These tips will ensure that you get a great experience from your portable unit.