Pinteresting Ideas for an Organized Move – 5 Tips

costa mesa moving companies 02Staying organized during a move can be a big job. Even the best

rely on you to stay organized, to some extent. You have to at least be able to direct their efforts in the best possible way. Pinterest, luckily, is full of great options for staying organized during the moving process. Here are five hacks that we love:

1.Take an inventory

As you’re packing boxes, you definitely want to mark down somewhere what’s in each box. You’ll want to be able to find particular items as you unpack, as needed. You’ve got a couple of options here. You can just jot down notes on each box as it’s packed. Or you can make a separate inventory sheet.

That’s not as hard as it sounds! You’ll need to mark each box with a number as you pack. Put the number on at least three sides of the box, so you can see it easily if the box is in a big stack. Then, make a list. On a lined sheet, write the number for each box, and then jot down what’s inside the box. You can reference the list to find out exactly where that particular book is likely to be hiding when you unpack.

2. Triage the unpacking process

There’s a reason ERs have used triaging for decades. It helps reduce overwhelm by prioritizing things automatically. You can use this same method when it comes to unpacking your home. The key is to do your triaging as you’re packing.

Each time you pack a box, decide if it’s full of highly important items or much less important items – or if the box’s contents are somewhere in between. High-priority items should be things that you use on a daily basis. The lowest priority items will be things that are simple decorative or keepsakes. As you pack the boxes, mark them with a color or number to indicate what priority level each box is. When you have a few moments to unpack, you can skip right over number three boxes to prioritize essential items.

3. Set aside the most essential items

Even after you’ve prioritized, you can save yourself even more time by setting aside items you’re likely to need within 24 hours of your move. This might include toilet paper, essential toiletries. towels for the shower, tools for putting together furniture, and other highly important items on moving day. Pack these items completely separately, preferably in a clear plastic tote where you can easily spot them in a box-crowded room.

4. Practice color coding

You’ll want to let your movers know which room to take each box to on moving day. This ensures you’re getting the most bang for your buck when you hire the best Costa Mesa moving company. It also saves you time in the end.

But you can cut down on confusion by color coding boxes, rather than just marking them with the name of a room. Which room you’re calling the living room and which one you’re calling the family room can be confusing, after all! So put colored stickers on each box, according to its room. On moving day, put matching stickers on the door frame of the coordinating room, so that the movers can easily figure out where they’re going.

5. Inventory for insurance

You’ll want to inventory individual boxes, but you may also need to have some insurance inventory information, especially if you’re having special insurance for particular items. Take photos of your most valuable items, including pertinent details like serial numbers. Store all the photos somewhere in the cloud, where you can easily access them if you need to make an insurance claim during the moving process.

As you can see, staying organized during a move takes more work on the front end, especially while you’re packing. But you can also save tons of time during the unpacking process if you take time to stay organized now. Yes, you’ll need to think ahead. But doing so can save you hours – and sanity – once you’re settling into your new home.