Pack Your Bedroom in Seven Easy Steps

coto de caza moving company 01Pack Your Coto De Caza Bedroom in Seven Easy Steps

When it comes to moving, the hardest part is the packing. If it’s just not in your budget to hire the best Coto de Caza movers to do your packing for you, you’ll have to take the time to do it yourself. With the proper techniques and steps, though, packing can be quicker and simpler. Here are our seven steps for packing a bedroom in your home.

1.Make a few piles

This seems counter-intuitive, but you don’t want to start by putting things in boxes. In fact, it’s better to start by putting things in piles. Unless you’ve purged recently, chances are that you have some clothes, shoes, and other items that you really don’t need or use any longer. And you may have some seasonal items in your bedroom that you can pack separately.

While you’re sorting things out in your room remember to set aside one or two chances of clothes to be packed in your personal suitcase on moving day. It’s good to have your personal care items and a change of clothes easily accessible in the midst of the chaos of moving day!

2.Have a garage sale

Or take your unneeded items to a local secondhand shop. The goal is to just get rid of the items that you no longer want or need well before moving day. Remember, Coto de Caza moving companies charge according to how much your stuff weighs. The less stuff you need to move, the cheaper your move will be. Plus, when you purge before a move, you’ll have less to unpack and a more organized new home.

3.Use professional boxes

Your move will be much smoother if you pony up for professional boxes. They’re not that much more expensive than their flimsier counterparts, and they’ll give you a much better moving experience overall. These boxes are sturdier, too, so they’re ideal if you’re going to have to store some of your bedroom items for a while as you settle into your new home.

If you have clothing that needs to stay wrinkle-free, invest in a hanging wardrobe box. This is the best option for formalwear and business attire. Other clothes can be folded – still on the hangers – into medium-sized packing boxes. Just grab a group of three or four hangers, and fold the clothes down into the box. This makes unpacking much easier!

4.Leave dressers packed

To see if you can leave your dressers packed for the move, get a partner to help you pick up the dresser. If you can comfortably lift it with one other person, you can leave clothing and other items in the dresser for the move. Just use plastic to wrap the doors and drawers shut so that they won’t swing open during the move.

5.Invest in a mattress bag

Your mattress is a big investment, so invest in it by purchasing a mattress bag for the move. These large bags are properly sized for mattresses, and they’re made of thick plastic. This keeps the mattress from getting dirty during the move, and helps protect it from rips if the mattress accidentally snags on a door or the moving van.

6.Keep valuables in your vehicle

Many Coto de Caza movers will have policies in place against transporting extremely valuable items without extra insurance. The easiest way around this is to just pack any valuables – such as jewelry – in your own personal vehicle. Set aside a small box to contain your valuables. If it’s not possible to take them yourself during the move, talk to your movers about adding an additional insurance rider for these items.

7.Clean as you pack

People often forget that they’ll need to leave the home in clean condition at the end of a move. The easiest way to avoid a crazy whole-house clean on moving day is to clean as you pack. Move through the bedroom with a dust rag in hand, and vacuum out hard-to-reach corners as you pack. Then, you won’t have much left to do on the actual day of your move.

Of course, it’s easier to just hire movers for a full-service moving process. But if that’s just not in the cards this time around, these seven steps will ensure that your bedroom gets packed quickly and efficiently.