Pack Your Bathroom in Seven Easy Steps

cypress moving company bathroomIf you’re like lots of people, you’re not looking forward to packing for your upcoming move. And if you just can’t afford to hire the best Cypress movers for a full-service move, you could use some tips to handle the packing process yourself. Luckily, we’re here with some easy tips for packing one of the most difficult rooms in your home – the bathroom. Here are seven steps to pack your bathroom in no time:

1.Sort through your things

Many people collect lots of random items in the bathroom. Whether it’s half-used lotion that you don’t really like or nearly-empty bottles of shampoo you’ve already replaced, now is the time to sort through it. First, make a pile of items you use on a daily basis, and a pile of items you’ll never use again. Put the stuff you use sometimes, but not daily, in a separate area.

2.Get rid of some things


Now is the time to get rid of all those things you’re no longer going to use. Items that are nearly full or unused, you can try to give away. But anything you can’t give away, you should just throw away. It’s hard for some people to get rid of things, but you don’t want to start off life in your new home with a bathroom full of clutter.

3.Pack essentials separately

Many Cypress moving companies will suggest their customers keep valuables and important paperwork with them. We also suggest that you pack a separate overnight bag full of a day’s worth of essentials. This will make the night and morning after moving into your new home easier, since you’ll have all your most-needed items together within easy reach. Set aside any personal care items you use daily to be packed into this overnight bag.

Pack this bag on the morning of the move. For now, if you’re a few days out from the move, you can just set your daily-use items aside, to be packed later into your essentials bag.

4.Use smaller boxes

You can get away with using large boxes in some areas of your home for certain items. In fact, if you have a lot of bath towels, bath mats, and other lightweight items, you can pack them in large boxes. Otherwise, though, be sure to pack your bathroom items in smaller boxes. They can easily get too heavy and crowded otherwise.

5.Use plastic bags

Even if you think you’ve got all the lids tightly screwed on to items that may leak, you could still have problems with leaks. Contain potential messes by packing all of your liquid, gel, and powder items inside plastic bags that have a zip closure. It’s one extra step, but it’s one you’ll be glad you took if something leaks inside a box.

6.Use towels for padding

Don’t waste newspaper and other packing materials when packing items from your bathroom. Instead, use towels and washcloths as packing materials. You’ve got to pack them anyway, so you may as well make them do double duty!

Here’s one extra tip for packing pressed powder items like eye shadow, powder, and blush. Stick a cotton pad in the compact, right on top of the powder, and then close it. The cotton pad can help keep the pressed powder from cracking during the moving process.

7.Label boxes

It’s best to label each box you pack with the name of the room if will go to in your new home, so your Cypress movers can take boxes where they go. If your new home has more than one bathroom, be sure to label boxes with which bathroom they’ll go to. And take one additional step to make your life easier. Write on each box an idea of what’s inside of it. This way, you’ll be able to find important personal care items without sorting through a bunch of unlabeled boxes first.

These seven steps should make packing up your bathroom a simple, streamlined process. Follow these steps with each bathroom in your home to ensure a mess-free moving process for all of your personal care essentials.