Buena Park Bathroom Packing in Seven Easy Steps

buena park moving company bathroom tipMoving Tip by: Buena Park Moving Companies

Kitchens and bathrooms can be the hardest rooms in your home to pack on your own. They typically collect random items, and they’re full of fragile things that require extra care when packing. If you’re hiring your Buena Park movers just to move your packed boxes, or just to pack certain items, you’ll need some advice for how to go about packing your bathroom. Here are seven simple steps that will get every bathroom in your home packed in no time.

1.Start by sorting

Typically, bathrooms tend to collect a lot of random items that you don’t use on a regular basis. Yours might have that strong-smelling lotion grandma bought you for Christmas, ¾ full bottles of shampoo that you ended up hating, and other items that you’re never planning to use. Now is the time to sort through them!

When you’re sorting, separate out the items you use daily from the items you use semi-regularly – like nail polish, etc. Then, make another pile of the things you know you’ll never use again.

2.Toss out what you don’t need

To start, tackle that pile of items you know you’ll never use. Some of those things might be of interest to others in your life. Maybe your cousin loves grandma’s favorite scented lotion. So give it to her! Throw away things you can’t get rid of otherwise. There’s no sense in packing things that you won’t use. And you don’t want to start off life in your new home with a cluttered bathroom again!

3.Pack essentials separately

Buena Park moving companies typically suggest that customers keep valuables, important paperwork, and other essential items with them, just in case. We also suggest that you pack an overnight bag full of items that you use daily. This just makes moving day easier. You can settle into your new home and relax without having to dig through boxes to find what you need.

Plan for this when packing up your bathroom. Set aside those essential items that you need daily to be packed at the last minute in your overnight bag. If you tend to buy extra-large bottles of product, consider squirting enough for two days’ use into a travel-sized bottle.

4.Buy small boxes

For some rooms of your home, large boxes work well. They’re great for packing lightweight blankets and clothes. But in the bathroom, stick with small boxes. You’ll have more control over how things are packed, and you’ll be able to group items together in a way that makes sense.

5.Pack in plastic bags

Lots and lots of the things you likely have in your bathroom will be prone to leakage during the moving process. So protect yourself from a box dripping with leaked shampoo by packing everything in plastic bags. Gallon-sized bags are usually enough to fit a couple of shampoo or conditioner bottles into. Or they can hold a bunch of smaller items. That way, if something leaks, you only have to clean up the other items that are actually in the bag with it.

6.Use towels for padding

The easiest way to pack your bathroom is to give your towels and washcloths a purpose. Use them for wrapping up fragile or sharp items, instead of using newspaper or other packing material. You have to pack it all, anyway, so you might as well get multiple uses out of everything you’re packing.

To make sure that pressed powder makeup compacts don’t break, slide a cotton circle into the compact, and then press the compact closed. You may need to wrap it closed gently with some plastic wrap. The cotton can keep delicate pressed powders from cracking during the move.

7.Label boxes well

You’ll want to at least write the room that each of these boxes came from, and be specific if you have more than one bathroom in your new home. That way, your Buena Park moving company will know exactly where to take each box. Also, though, label each box with an idea of what’s inside of it. This makes it easier for you to find specific items if you need to before you’ve unpacked everything in your home.