Long Distance Moving Tips in Irvine California

Moving in general is never a completely stress-free process. Whether for a job change or change of pace, moving long-distance is much simpler in theory than in practice. However, hiring a moving company can mitigate some anxiety. Here are some tips you should consider before long distance moving.

Plan in Advance
There are a lot of moving parts when it comes to moving interstate or across long distances. Usually, moving companies consider a “long-distance” move to be over 450 miles between origin and destination. Movements that come in below this but are not within the same city or state are generally considered “mid-distance.”
Regardless of the technicalities, planning for your move will make the entire process much more manageable. Calling utility companies, changing addresses with the DMV and the USPS are easily overlooked but all extremely important. Take it from us; after moving your things into a new home, you’re going to want a hot shower. That call to turn your hot water on will never have seemed more worthwhile.
Not to mention planning days to begin packing your items up to the move date. This process includes some (maybe) tough decisions on bringing, donate/sell or throw away. The more time you give yourself, the better! Ideally, everything will get done without losing your sanity rushing to finish last minute. There’s nothing worse than still packing on the day you’re supposed to move with a long drive or flight looming.

Packing for a Long Distance Move
There are critical differences between packing for local and long-distance moves. Moving companies want to ensure the safety of your items from point A to point B. However, when traveling hundreds of miles, the risk is more significant that things will be damaged.
If it’s within your budget, professional packing is your best option. Experienced moving companies use specialized moving and packing materials for long-distance moves specifically. Packing for a local move is much simple as the distances between locations are much shorter. When moving long-distance there are a variety of extra precautions taken:
Double wrapped furniture in shrink wrap and new/sterilized moving blankets.
Double-layered, corrugated boxes for maximum protection.
Specialized packages for fragile dishware, electronics, and artwork (ask about custom crating)

Knowing Your Destination
Often, clients may not have seen and inspected their new home from a move-in standpoint when moving across the country. Take a look at some things to consider:
Are there specific days of the week that your new place allows moves in? There are often distinct service entrances that the moving company should be made aware of.
Does your destination building require a Certificate of Insurance (COI)? Is this COI required for reserving elevators at the destination?
Check with building management if there is space to pull a semi-truck into your new destination. If there isn’t, a moving company may need to include a shuttle cost. To avoid any hidden fees, discuss this during the quoting process.
Ultimately getting an accurate quote comes down to the proficiency of the relocation consultant and your ability to be detailed regarding the scope of the move.

Choosing the Right Moving Company
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