Laguna Hills Movers – What They Won’t Move

When you’re coming up on moving day, communication with your moving company is essential. The movers need to know your expectations, and you also need to take time to figure out their rules and requirements.

For instance, the movers may have requirements about how you prepare and pack for your move. You don’t want them showing up on moving day only to wait around for an hour (probably at your expense) while you pack the last few boxes!


Another thing you’ll want to know from your moving company is any items that they won’t move. Often times, moving companies have a list of these items that they cannot move due to licensing requirements or will not move due to liability. Obviously, you need to know what your Laguna Hills movers won’t transport, so that you can make other arrangements for those items.

Although these blacklisted items tend to be similar from one moving company to the next, they’re not universal. So one moving company might agree to move your very expensive jewelry collection while another won’t. This means that you definitely need to check with the moving company in question before you make assumptions about what the movers will and will not move for you.

In general, though, here are some guidelines to things that even the best Laguna Hills movers probably won’t handle:

1.Personal items

Just about anything in your home could be considered a personal item, but moving companies often caution customers to keep very sentimental items close by on moving day. If you can’t live without your photo collections or kids’ keepsakes, you’ll feel better if you have them in your sight throughout the move.

Also, most movers won’t move your prescription medications. For one thing, there could be liability issues here. And for another thing, you might actually need those medications during the moving process!

Other moving companies have a limit on the types and values of jewelry and other expensive items that they’ll transport. Again, this is a liability issue, and it varies from one moving company to the next. You’ll want to check with your movers to get details.

It’s a good idea to decide well ahead of moving day which items you’ll pack separately. Packing a change of clothes, some personal care items, and any highly valuable or sentimental items before hand makes moving day easier. And then if there’s some sort of problem with the moving truck – which can happen to even the best moving companies – you have at least your most important and essential items on hand.

2. Hazardous items

Most moving companies have a list of hazardous items that they won’t or are not licensed to move. Typically, DOT rules govern at least part of this list, and ban typical household movers from moving explosive items. So all those fireworks and gas cans will have to go in your own car on moving day.

It’s especially important to think through items that you may want the movers to take that are full of gas. Your mower and weedeater will need to be emptied out before the movers can pack them in with the rest of the stuff from your garage.

3. Live animals

Again, this is often an authorization issue. Carrier companies need special permissions to move live animals – not to mention specialized trucks. So if you need to get your kids’ pet lizard to your new home, you’ll have to figure out how to put him in your own vehicle.

If you’re arranging a long-distance move and aren’t sure how to get your animals to your new home, you might ask your moving company for advice. The best Laguna Hills movers may not be able to handle the issue directly, but they could direct you towards a company who can.

4. Perishables

Moving vans definitely aren’t set up to move things like perishable food. They’re so hot that everything will spoil before it gets to your new location. And then if it takes more than a few hours to get from point A to point B, you’re pretty much hosed as far as perishable items go.

Before moving day, try to eat through most of the perishable items in your fridge and pantry. You might have to get creative with your cooking or even eat takeout to avoid grocery shopping. Then, on moving day, decide what you can take with you. Set aside some boxes or grocery bags for those items, and pack them into your personal vehicle last thing.

As we noted above, not all moving companies have the same requirements for what they can and cannot handle during the moving process. So before you make assumptions, you should talk to your Laguna Hills movers. This list of four items just outlines some things that your moving company probably won’t be able to handle for you. But your mover could have looser or stricter requirements. Just be sure you communicate about issues like these well before moving day.