Get Money Back from Your Move


You probably appreciate Pasadena moving companies that offer you reasonable rates. Lower moving costs, of course, can save you a pretty penny in the long run. You’ll be pleased to know there’s another money-saving option available people on the move. In fact, you’ve probably already used this option once each year in the middle of April. It’s the tax-deduction.

Yes, the government offers deductions for certain moving expenses — if the relocation is related to your job. Naturally, you’ll want to seek the advice of a tax professional for the specifics, just as you’d consult with professional Pasadena movers prior to your move. The following summary, however, will help familiarize you with moving deductions before delving deeper with your chosen professional.

The big thing to know is this — government regulations in this area are very strict. To qualify for tax savings, you must meet these three requirements:

• The move in question must pertain to your job’s start date.

• Your new job must be a certain distance further from your previous residence than your old job was.

• You must work a certain amount of days over a specified period of time once you’ve moved into your new residence.

Again, your Pasadena moving company cannot advise you regarding tax deductions for moving expenses. The preceding criteria are meant solely as general information. Regulations may change periodically, and only a tax professional will be sufficiently knowledgeable to assist you properly.

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