Five Ways to Stay Healthy When Moving

laguna beach moving companies 01Five Ways to Stay Healthy When Moving to Laguna Beach

For many DIY movers, injury during the moving process is a huge problem. If you’re not used to constantly lifting heavy objects, you may find that you suffer back injuries when moving on your own. And illness can be an issue, too, due to the stress of the whole process of moving. Fortunately, you can take some real steps to protect yourself during the moving process, whether you hire professionals or do it all yourself. Here’s what you need to know about staying healthy during the moving process:

1.Leave plenty of time

Most of the time, moving companies suggest that you start packing for your move at least a month before moving day. If you’re doing a DIY moving process, it will take loads of your time. That’s why it’s important to start early. You don’t want to get to the very last week before you move only to find that you have hours and hours worth of work to do after working all week.

If you’re packing alone, take at least six weeks to get everything done. And give yourself extra time in your schedule to take care of all the other moving related tasks like making phone calls, arranging for insurance, and changing your address. It’s a good idea to cut back on your social commitments in the time leading up to your move, so that you’re sure to have time to handle all the details without feeling overwhelmed – which can easily lead to illness.

2. Use proper body mechanics

Even if you’re in great physical shape, it’s all too easy to get injured during the moving process if you don’t use proper body mechanics. Your lower back is especially vulnerable to injury, and strains down here can last for months, causing problems on down the road. So even if you work out daily, it’s essential to make sure you’re using good mechanics any time you pick up a heavy box or piece of furniture.

Not sure what those good body mechanics look like? Get on YouTube and check out videos that give tips for using your legs, rather than your back, to pick up heavy objects. Then, practice those mechanics with smaller, lighter-weight objects before you move on up to the heaviest objects in your home.

3. Pack boxes light

It may seem silly to pack more small boxes rather than fewer large boxes. But even many Laguna Beach moving companies have a weight limit on individual boxes. That’s because ot’s easy to injure yourself picking up one heavy box. So keep your individual boxes at or under twenty pounds each.

Not sure how to keep boxes lightweight? Start by choosing the right size box. Larger boxes are good for lighter items like clothes and lightweight toys. Smaller boxes are better for heavier, denser items like books and silverware. Keep this in mind, and keep a scale nearby when you pack your first few boxes until you get a feel for this tip.

4. Break apart furniture

It takes time and effort to break furniture down into component parts, but it’s well worth your time if this protects you from injury. Some pieces of furniture are easy to move all in one piece, but others are not. To know, try to pick up a piece with help from another person. If it’s easy to pick up and maneuver, you can use it. If not, take the time to take it apart.

5. Ask for help

You may think that you can’t afford a full-service move from the best Laguna Beach movers, but customers are often surprised at how affordable moving can actually be. Instead of assuming that you can’t afford help on moving day, get some quotes to see if you can fit professional services into your budget. This is absolutely the best way to avoid personal injury during a move.

Alternatively, get some friends or family members to volunteer their help on moving day. Just be sure that they, too, are using proper body mechanics and taking the time to stay safe during the moving process. And keep in mind that if a volunteer gets injured during the move, you could be on the hook for any medical expenses! This is, in fact, one reason that many individuals decide to hire movers in the first place.