Did You Remember These Items?


Irvine movers see it all the time … homeowners busying themselves as they prepare for their big move. The organizing, carrying, packing, and millions of other assorted tasks to be tackled by those headed for a new destination. Yeah, it’s enough to make your head spin.

Along with the challenges arising from relocation, there’s always the risk you’ll leave something important behind after you step out the door and lock the key. If you’re concerned about forgetting a belonging or two, you might want to consider hiring a reputable Irvine moving company. This is an excellent protective measure. With their crew handling much of the operation, your time and mind are freed up to focus on the tasks at hand. And perhaps sneak a snack. All of which means you’re less likely to leave something forgotten deep in the hall closet or dresser drawer.

Two rooms are commonly susceptible to forgetfulness – the bathroom and kitchen. We Irvine moving companies recommend paying particular attention to these two areas. In the bathroom, make absolutely certain you clear the medicine cabinet of everything, particularly important prescriptions. On a less important note, you’ll also want to gather up things like shampoos, soaps, and sundry other hygienic aids and grooming goodies. While these aren’t crucial, they nevertheless have a replacement cost. So unless you have extra cash in the kitty, it’s best to invest a few moments packing up these items, particularly if you have a large stash.

As far as the kitchen goes, make sure you empty the fridge, either packing the food into a handy cooler or giving it to some worthy individuals who share your taste in meats and produce. As with other items, food can have a hefty replacement cost. So it’s best to keep what you can.

If you have questions about forgetting belongings when you move, be sure to reach out to Executive Moving Systems. Among the leading Irvine movers, we provide prompt, dependable service no matter how big the job. When you need reliable Orange County movers, you can count on Executive Moving Systems to get it there safe and sound.