Coto de Caza Moving Costs

best cota de caza movers 014 Frequently Asked Questions About The Cost of Moving

As you get ready to hire professional movers, the number one thing on your mind is likely cost. How much is it going to hit your bank account for?

You know that when you hire the best Coto de Caza movers, you’ll get more bang for your buck. But, still, you’re probably asking yourself these four common questions about the cost of moving:

1.How much will I pay?

The bottom line to this question is: it depends. Moving costs are based primarily on how much your stuff weighs, but a bunch of other factors come into play. How far you’re moving, how much packing the movers are doing, and what other services you might need all factor into the final cost of your move.

This is why an in-home estimate is absolutely essential. It’s impossible for a moving company to tell you over the phone how much the move will cost. What you need is for someone to come to your home to give you a detailed, written quote – only after they’ve been through to see all your things and have gotten the skinny on your move details.

2. Will I pay more than the estimate?

It’s not uncommon to hear of customers who get stuck with a bill that’s actually quite a bit bigger than they were expecting. But there is a way to ensure that this doesn’t happen to you – a binding estimate.

Basically, this is a written estimate that will include contract language stating that the estimated price is what you’ll ultimately pay. These types of estimates are common in the moving industry, so don’t settle for a non-binding estimate. Sometimes the binding estimate will include a potential contingency fee of around 10%. That still places a cap on the total amount you could owe for your move.

3. What about packing services?

The best Coto de Caza moving company will offer comprehensive services, including packing. Many people don’t want to pay for this extra service, which can run anywhere from a couple hundred to a couple thousand dollars in cost. Again, though, the cost of packing services will vary depending on how much stuff you have.

Often, though, moving companies will offer custom packing options. So rather than an all-or-nothing deal, you can pay the movers to pack only part of your home. This is a good way to balance efficiency and budget, if need be.

If you’re interested in any packing services, though, be sure to talk to the moving company about these expectations up front. And be sure that the packing services are included on your binding estimate.

4. How can I save money?

Often customers on a tight budget wonder what they can do during the moving process to save money. And, actually, there are several ways to utilize paid, professional movers while still saving money. Here are a few suggestions:

  • Downsize first. Often times, people sort through their belongings as they’re unpacking into a new home. Why not sort through and get rid of what you don’t need first? This cuts down on the amount of stuff to move, which cuts down on your moving costs.
  • Ask about custom crating. Maybe you don’t want to pay for full packing services, but you’re concerned about properly packing your expensive electronics or fragile antiques. Ask about custom crating services for just those items, and pack the rest of your home yourself.
  • Move the date. Some moving companies are busier at some times of the month that at others. It’s not uncommon for movers to be booked solid near the beginning and end of a month, for instance, when apartment leases turn over. Ask if there’s a more affordable date for your move.
  • Have insurance. Check your homeowner’s or renter’s insurance, which may cover damages to property during a move. If these types of insurance don’t offer coverage, shell out up front for insurance coverage. Yes, it’s an additional expense. But it’ll be well worth it if some expensive item is damaged during the move.

Moving costs vary so dramatically that it’s impossible to even give a ballpark estimate of these costs, except on a case by case basis. The best thing you can do is to talk to a moving company about your particular needs, and then go from there.