Costa Mesa Moving Company Costs

best costa mesa movers 014 FAQs on Moving Costs

When you’re preparing to move, the number one thing you may be worried about is cost. How much is all of this going to cost you?

When you hire the best Costa Mesa movers, you can rest assured that you’ll get the best balance of cost and great service. But you may still want to know what it’s going to cost up front, and what you can do to reduce your costs. Here are four of the most frequently asked questions related to moving costs:

1.What’s the final cost?

All too often, consumers want to know the final cost of a move before they’ve even asked any other questions – or let the mover ask questions of them. The bottom line here is that costs vary dramatically. It depends on how far you’re moving, what sorts of services you’re after, and how much stuff you’ve got to move.

The best way to determine your cost is to have an in-person estimate. The moving company should send an experienced professional to your home. This professional will go through all of your belongings to see about how much stuff you have to move. They’ll also ask questions about your moving schedule, distance, and packing needs. Then, they’ll draw up a written estimate.

2. Is that what I’ll actually pay?

Sometimes consumers are concerned about getting stuck with a final bill that’s considerably larger than the original estimate they were given. But if you get a written, binding estimate, you don’t have to be.

A binding estimate basically says that the final price you’ll pay will be at – or at least very near – the estimate. Sometimes moving companies will write in a contingency fee, just in case additional expenses crop up. But even then, you wind up with a guarantee that you’ll pay up to a certain amount, but no more.

3. How much does packing cost?

Full-service packing will definitely cost extra – anywhere from a few hundred to a couple thousand dollars. Again, the cost of this service depends primarily on the amount of stuff you need to have the movers pack up for you.

The advantage of paying the best Costa Mesa movers to pack for you, of course, is that you can save loads of time. And you can save money on packing costs by having the moving company only pack the most troublesome items – fragile china, expensive antiques, etc. If you’re interested in packing services, ask about it during your in-home estimate.

4. How can I make this cheaper?

If you’re on a tight budget, you may worry that you can’t afford moving services. But, actually, moving services can save you money by freeing up your time for more important – and money-making – activities. But there are plenty of simple ways to save on the cost of your move, including:

  • Downsizing. As we noted, the bulk of your moving cost is determined by how much stuff you have to move. Getting rid of unnecessary odds and ends before you move is a great way to save.
  • Customized services. The best Costa Mesa moving company will work with you to create a moving package that works for your needs and budget constraints. Instead of paying for complete packing services, consider hiring the movers just for those awkward, fragile, or valuable items that are hardest to pack.
  • Ask about timing. Some moving companies experience heavier moving times, and may charge a premium for moves during these times. Ask if scheduling your move a week or two later or earlier could save you money.
  • Get insurance. Insurance is another up front cost. But if you’re not insured – or covered by your homeowner’s or renter’s insurance – you could be looking at major unexpected expenses if something breaks or is damaged on your move.

As you can see, the process of getting pricing for moving is more complicated than reading an internet FAQ page. You need to talk with a moving company – preferably in person – in order to get a good quote for the cost of your move. But these FAQs will at least give you some direction on doing that, and on saving money on your overall moving costs.