7 Tips for Packing a Bathroom in Costa Mesa

costa mesa moving company bathroom packing7 Tips for Packing a Bathroom in Costa Mesa

If you’re like many people, your bathroom tends to collect random items throughout the year. Maybe it’s lotion you thought you’d like but don’t, or nearly-empty bottles of shampoo you’ve already replaced. This can make bathrooms a difficult room to pack, and for other reasons, too. That’s why your Costa Mesa movers are here with some good advice for packing your bathroom in seven quick steps:

1.Sort it all out

To start, you’ll need to sort through all the random items in your bathroom. It’s probably best to start with three piles – one of things you use daily, one of things you use but less often, and one of things you’ll never use. This can take some time, but it will also help you organize your packing moving forward, so it’s a great place to begin.

2.Toss what you don’t need

In the beginning, tackle the pile of stuff you know you’ll never use again. Things that are nearly gone should be thrown out or rinsed and recycled. With bottles that are full or nearly full, consider passing them on to someone who will appreciate those products more than you do. If you can’t find anyone to take them, though, just throw them away. No sense bringing things you’ll never use to your new home!

3.Pack essentials in an overnight bag

Our Costa Mesa movers usually suggest that customers keep certain items with them. This includes important paperwork and personal valuables. But you should also plan to pack an overnight bag with items that you’ll need on the day of moving and the morning after. This just makes your life simpler, as you can avoid sorting through loads of boxes to find your toothbrush and pajamas.

You’ll need to pack this bag on the morning you move, of course. So if you’re sorting through and packing your bathroom early, you’ll just leave these stripped-down essentials in the bathroom until it’s time for moving day.

4.Use small boxes

Large boxes work well in some areas of your home, but not so much in the bathroom. Packing in several small boxes lets you sort like items together, and can help contain any messes made by leaking bottles. One idea to consider is packing items in clear plastic bins, which you can continue using once you’ve moved. This can be especially helpful for grouping things together – like your nail polish and manicure gear, or your first aid gear.

5.Pack in plastic bags

Before you pack your bathroom, grab a box of gallon-sized plastic bags with a zip closure. You’ll want to put nearly everything that’s a liquid, gel, or powder into a plastic bag. This just helps to further contain messes if something should leak. Also, use smaller bags for bars of soap and items like lip balm, which are technically solid but could melt and leak on a hot moving day.

6.Use towels for packing material

Why waste newspaper and other packing materials in the bathroom? You’ve already got all the packing materials you need right on hand: your towels and washcloths. Large towels are great for padding the bottom and sides of a box, making everything inside less prone to breakage. Washcloths and hand towels can be wrapped around individual fragile items, adding additional padding.

When you’re packing pressed powder items like eye shadow and blush, pack them extra carefully. Put a cotton pad inside the compact, and then close it. This can help ensure that the pressed powder doesn’t crack during the move.

7.Label individual boxes

So that your Costa Mesa movers know where to take these boxes, be sure to label them with the room where each box will need to go. Then, take time to write on the side of the box an idea of what it contains. This saves you from having to sort through a bunch of separate boxes to find one thing you need after moving day.

Hopefully, these quick tips will make it much easier for you to pack up your bathroom when it’s time to move. Most moving companies also offer comprehensive moving packages, where experts will do all of this for you. But if you’re ready to tackle the project yourself, using these seven steps will ensure that your bathroom is packed properly and ready to move.