7 Things to Know About Your Moving Contract

mission-viejo-moving-companyIf you’re preparing to move with the services of a Mission Viejo moving company, you’ll definitely want to check out that moving contract – often called a bill of lading – before you sign. It’s typical to skim through contracts that seem less important, but don’t do this with your bill of lading.

This contract is important for two reasons. For one thing, it protects you if there’s a dispute with the moving company in the future. Also, the contract is where the moving company lays out everything it’s planning to do for you during the move. So it’s the best way to catch potential misunderstandings before they cause major issues.

A thorough review of the moving contract will ensure that you and your Mission Viejo movers are on the same page, so that your move goes as smoothly as possible. Here are seven things of note that you’ll find on a moving contract:

Names and Addresses

Somewhere at the top of the contract, you should find personal information for yourself and the moving company. First, be sure that the moving company offers a physical address that’s verifiable. You’ve probably already done this, but moving companies who operate from just a PO box are often scams.

Also, check that the contract includes both your current address, and the address you’re moving to. Be sure both of these are 100% correct. The movers will use these addresses on moving day, so you definitely don’t want them to be wrong.


The moving contract should include basic information about when the movers will arrive, and when they’ll get things moved into your new home. Be sure that the dates and times match up with what you and the movers have talked about, so that you’re prepared when they arrive to get started.

3.Included Services

This is one of the pieces of the moving contract that you need to pay closest attention to. Here, the Mission Viejo movers will detail the services that they’re planning to provide you on moving day. This could be a really short list – just picking stuff up and taking it to your new home to unload. But it could also be longer and more detailed.

The key is to make sure that everything you do want is on this list, and that it doesn’t include any services that you don’t want to pay for. Otherwise, you could find yourself unexpectedly scrambling to take care of some seemingly minor detail yourself, or you could wind up with an over-budget moving project.


Most moving companies price their services based on the weight of the goods they’re transporting. This isn’t always the case, but it’s typically true. The rates section of the moving contract should tell you what these rates typically are. This section will also include details for other associated rates for extra services. For instance, packing services might be paid hourly, per box, or per room, depending on the service or the company.


The pricing section of a contract with a Mission Viejo moving company will tell you how the rates are being applied to your unique situation. Ideally, this section will include plenty of detail so that you know exactly what you’re paying for different services. But it may just include an overall price. If this is the case, you can always ask the movers to break it down for you.

Also, be sure to find out if the price is set, set with a contingency, or flexible until moving day. Ideally, you’ll only sign a contract with a guaranteed price, or one that’s at least guaranteed to within 5-10% of the original quote. Signing a contract with a “prices subject to change” clause is a financially dangerous idea.

6.Additional Considerations

On moving day, you may wind up needing help with last-minute packing, or the movers may find that they need to use special techniques or equipment. These things could add on to even a guaranteed price. This section of the contract should detail what extra services you may potentially need to pay for, and what those services might cost.


The moving contract will also state who is liable, both for your stuff and for the safety of the moving personnel. You’ll want to ensure that the Mission Viejo moving company has its own insurance that will cover its workers in case they’re injured on the job. And you’ll also want to be sure there are clear ideas about who is liable for the safety of your goods, and what happens if something is broken or goes missing during the moving process.

Once you’ve checked out and agreed to all of these areas of the moving contract, you should be okay to sign on the dotted line. Then, get ready for a great experience when moving into your new home!