7 Things to Check Out on Your Moving Contract

los-alamitos-moving-companyWhen you’re getting ready for a residential move, you’ll definitely want to check out the contract for your Los Alamitos moving company. The contract might seem like it’s not important, especially if you’re working with a company that you can trust. But you might be surprised at how much you’ll learn from a review of the written contract – or bill of lading – before you sign on the dotted line.

A moving contract doesn’t just protect you in case of a dispute with the movers. It also puts the entire agreement surrounding your move into writing. The contract is the easiest place to see that you’ve communicated to the moving company exactly what you want – and that the moving company has definitely heard you.


When you review the moving contract, you’ll see exactly which services you’re paying for, and exactly how much you’re paying for them. That’s why it’s essential that you thoroughly check out these seven items on your moving contract:

1. Names and Locations

Near the top of the contract you should find some basic information for yourself and the Los Alamitos moving company. This section of the moving contract will include contact information for both parties. You’ll want to ensure that the moving company uses a physical address. Companies that only use a PO Box are likely running scams.

You’ll also want to ensure that the moving contract includes your full name and physical addresses – both the one you’re currently at and the one you’re moving to. Typos in this section could result in serious moving-day problems, since the movers will go by the addresses on the contract to find your current and future homes.

2. Schedules

Another piece of basic information on the moving contract is the schedule of your move. When will the packers show up? When are the movers coming? And when will your household goods be delivered to your new home? Be sure that these details line up with what you and the moving company have talked about during the hiring process.

3. Included Services

This is the part of the contract where things start to get more complicated. The contract needs to include a list of the services that the moving company is providing to you. It should include a complete, detailed list. If you’re just hiring the movers to get your already-packed boxes from your old home to your new, this will be pretty straightforward.

But if you’re hiring the movers to pack your goods, make sure that the list says that. If you’re hiring the moving company to pack only some of your goods, or to provide custom crating for a few larger or more valuable items, be sure that the moving contract includes those details, as well.

4. Rates

Typical Los Alamitos moving companies base their pricing on a list of rates. The rates for the actual moving in the truck are usually based on weight, though not always. This section of the contract should also include information on other charges that will or may be included. For instance, will the company charge you for moving things up and down an elevator or stairs? What about charges for packing or custom crating? These should all be included on the rates section of the contract.

5. Pricing

The pricing section of the contract tells how the company’s rates actually apply to you. This is where you’ll find out what the services are actually going to cost you. This section should align with any written quotes that the mover has given you. If not, find out why this is the case.

The pricing section will include language about whether or not the pricing is guaranteed. The best Los Alamitos movers will guarantee their prices within at least a 10% contingency – so there’s a cap on how much you’ll pay if the moving company’s weight estimates are far off the mark. You definitely want to know how much you could possibly pay if something comes up, though, so read this section carefully.

6. Additional Considerations

Some moving companies will charge per-service or an hourly rate for additional things that come up unexpectedly. For instance, if you live on a narrow street and the movers have to idle the truck so that they can let people drive by periodically, there will be an additional cost for that service. Look for items like this in the additional considerations section of the contract.

7. Liability

Finally, the contract with your Los Alamitos moving company should detail information about who is liable during the moving process. You’ll want to check that the company has worker’s compensation so that an injury claim on your property doesn’t come out of your homeowner’s insurance. You’ll also want to check who is liable if something breaks or comes up missing during the moving process.

And be sure to check with the contract or the moving company how they prefer to settle potential disputes. Some movers prefer to settle through the courts, while others will use a streamlined (and often cheaper) dispute resolution company.