7 Important Items on Your Newport Coast Moving Contract

newport-coast-moving-companyContracts don’t make for the world’s most entertaining reading. But when it comes to moving, they’re important. Contracts are there to help protect you in the worst case scenario situation. But they’re also helpful for laying out all the details of your move.

In your moving contract – also known as a bill of lading – you and your Newport Coast moving company will lay out exactly what the moving process will look like. It’s here that you can discover potential problems before they begin. A read through the details of the moving contract – even if boring – can leave you and your mover on the exact same page when it comes to your move.

Wondering what you should look for when you’re reading through your moving contract? Here are seven items to be sure you check out:

1. Contact Information

The top of the contract should include personal contact information for both you and the moving company you’re using. The address and phone number for the Newport Coast movers should match up with what you already know from their website, advertising, or any visits to their property. PO boxes should strictly be avoided, as they’re a major sign of a moving scam.

Also, be sure that your actual addresses are correct – both the address you’re moving from, and the address you’re moving to. Even minor typos in these addresses could cause serious issues for you on moving day. The movers will use the addresses listed on the contract to get to your current and future home, so be sure they’re correct.

2. Timing

The contract will also include the schedule of your move. When are the packers going to arrive? What day and time will the movers start moving things out of your home? And when will the movers drop everything off at your new home? These are all essential questions that should be answered in the context of the moving contract.

3. Services

This is one of the most important – and probably most detailed – sections of the moving contract with your Newport Coast movers. This section will show exactly what services the movers are contracting to provide you during your move.

This section will be cut-and-dry if you’re just paying for the movers to do the actual moving out and in of your goods. But if you’re paying for any extra services – packing or storage – you’ll want to be sure that the contract includes more specific information about these services. The services section of the moving contract will ensure that you’re getting all the services you want, but not paying for any that you don’t want.

4. Rates

For the most part, Newport Coast movers charge for their services based on weight. The heavier your stuff is and the further you’re moving, the more your move will cost. The rates section will detail how this works. It’ll also include information about potential additional charges for things like fuel surcharges or extra time required of the movers.

5. Pricing

Pricing is how the rates are actually applied to your moving process. In other words, this is the section of the moving contract where you’ll discover the bottom line. How much is the move going to actually cost you?

When you’re looking at this section, detail is helpful if you can get it. But it’s not always available. Some Newport Coast movers will offer a detailed written quote, but then will just transfer the final lump sum price over to the new contract. But you want to be sure that somewhere in all the paperwork, you do have a detailed quote laying out exactly what you’re paying for in the moving process.

Also, see if the pricing is guaranteed – at least with a contingency. What you don’t want is to see a “pricing subject to change” clause, which could cause serious financial issues for your move.

6. Additional Considerations

While you want pricing to be guaranteed, the moving company can’t help but charge extra if they have to do extra things on moving day. The additional considerations section should detail what happens if for instance, the movers have to use special equipment to move some of your appliances.

7. Liability

Finally, the moving contract with your Newport Coast movers will need to include details about who is liable – both for injuries of the movers and for your stuff. This is all worst case scenario type language, but it’s good to know ahead of time what the process is like if one of the movers gets hurt on your property, or if your favorite expensive vase gets broken during the move.

Once you’ve read and understood these seven sections of the moving contract, make sure you actually agree to them. Then, you’re ready to sign and get started on a smooth, effortless moving process.