7 Helpful Hints for Pet Owners on Moving Day

garden grove movers pets7 Helpful Hints for Pet Owners Moving to Garden Grove

Moving is never a fun project, but it’s always more complicated when there are pets involved. Pets can easily be stressed out by the moving process. All that hustling and bustling outside of the routine, and they just don’t understand it. So you’ll have to take a little extra care when you’re moving and there are pets involved.

Even if you’re working with the best Garden Grove moving company, you’ll have to handle some of the personal details of moving when you have pets. Here are seven quick tips to help:

1.Plan for moving day.

On the day that you move, you’ll definitely want to keep your pets out of harm’s way. It’s all too easy for pets to get injured or lost when people are in and out of your home, and there’s chaos everywhere.

Your best bet may be to take your pets to your favorite kennel. If that’s not an option, consider nearby family and friends who would pet-sit. And if you simply can’t get your pets out of your own home, figure out how to keep them away from the movers. You could crate them, if they’re used to this, or simply shut them into a well-ventilated room where they can chill while the movers do the heavy lifting.

2. Order new tags.

It’s easy to forget a minor detail like updating your pet’s ID tags. But you’ll be glad you remembered this if the worst happens and a pet runs off on moving day. Once you know your new address, go ahead and get tags printed. Then, ensure that each pet has an updated tag and a collar that fits properly when it’s time to move.

3. Get veterinarian records.

For a longer-distance move, it’s important to ensure that you have your latest vet records to take to your new vet. But even if you’re sticking with your current veterinary practice, get a copy of your pet’s latest records. That way if an emergency occurs after hours during the move, you can easily take your pet to the nearest 24-hour pet hospital for care.

4. Scope out the neighborhood.

It’s good to get to know your new neighborhood before you move. You’ll want to know where the grocery stores are, for instance. But your dog will definitely want to know where the dog parks and walking trails are. Have an idea of these things before you move so that you can re-establish your walking and park routine as soon as possible after moving.

5. Get proper crates.

The best Garden Grove movers won’t move any pets in the moving van – even in aquariums. It’s just too hot in there! So be sure you’ve got what you need to secure all your pets properly in your own vehicle. Consider buying traveling crates for your larger pets, since this is the safest way for them to ride in the car.

6. Pack some favorite things.

You’ll want to keep food bowls, litter boxes, and a day’s worth of food with you in your own vehicle. But you may also want to take a few toys and sentimental items for your pet. This can make the transition much easier, especially if you beat the movers to your new home

7. Go slowly.

Properly introducing your pet to your new home can go a long way towards success. If you just toss your pet in the front door and then set about unpacking, you may create some stress-related behavior issues like marking and chewing. But if you take a slower approach, your pet will adjust gradually but more surely.

The best way to do this is to set up one room as pet central in your new home. Leave the pet in that room with all their food, water, and toys. Then, as they become more comfortable and calm, slowly allow access to explore the rest of the house. This takes time, but it’s well worth your while in the end.

The best Garden Grove moving company will ensure that the actual moving process is as smooth as possible, so that you can worry about taking care of your precious pets.