7 Helpful Hints for Moving with Children to Dove Canyon

dove canyon movers kids tips7 Helpful Hints for Moving with Children

For most people, moving isn’t a fun experience. Even if you work with the best Dove Canyon moving company, the process of moving can be wrought with tiny details and a large to-do list. Then when you add children into the mix, you get an even more frustrating time.

Not only do kids tend to get underfoot and make everything take longer, but they also tend to get emotional about the moving process. Kids are likely to be attached to your current home and neighborhood, so the thought of moving – even to a better home and a cooler neighborhood – can be traumatic.

So what can you do as a parent to make the moving process a bit easier? Well, you can start by adjusting your expectations. Then, follow these seven helpful hints for moving when you have children:

1.Leave time.

It’s not unusual for people to underestimate the time that it takes to move. If you’re working with professionals to do the packing, this is less of a problem. But with kids, you’ll need extra time even to make phone calls and take care of smaller details. So get started on the moving process as early as possible, just to be sure you have the time you need to complete all your moving-related tasks.

2.Talk about it over and over.

Talking about events that are going to happen is a natural parenting technique with younger kids. You give them warnings about leaving the park, talk about what will happen at the doctor’s office, or talk about expectations when they’re with the babysitter. Moving is a huge event, so it requires even more talking.

Give your child an idea of what to expect with the move, and leave plenty of space for your child’s questions and concerns. Chances are they’re worried about things you have never even considered! Talking about all these issues can make moving less emotional.

Don’t be afraid to get creative here, either. Find books that involve the main character moving. Kids relate well to stories about other kids, so this can help make the concept of moving more concrete for your kids. A count-down calendar can be another helpful tool to help kids see moving day as it gets closer and closer.

3. Check out the new neighborhood.

When you’re moving locally, this is easy. It’s worth taking an afternoon out of your busy schedule to drive the kids around your new neighborhood. Or, better yet, walk around. Get to know the places that will be your new go-to places – the library, parks, etc.

Long-distance moves make this a little more difficult. But you can still take a neighborhood “tour” virtually. Use Google Maps, Yelp!, and other helpful tools to learn more about your neighborhood. Have the kids make a list of places they want to visit right after you move into your new home.

4. Give children an assignment.

Most kids will be more cooperative with just about anything if you give them an assignment. Let little kids pack boxes full of tee-shirts, blankets, or stuffed animals. That’s hard even for littles to mess up! Older kids can help label boxes, or even draw pictures to identify what’s inside. Involving kids in the details of the moving process can make their emotions about it much more manageable.

5. Give them special labels.

Proper labeling is essential during the moving process. But what you think is proper labeling may not feel like enough to your children. After all, that’s their stuff in those boxes! Give kids something to do and a sense of security about their special items by giving each child special labels. You can color-code labels, use themed stickers, or allow kids to draw pictures on “their” boxes.

6. Hire help.

If you have family or friends in the area, don’t be afraid to ask for help during the moving process. But if not, hire help well ahead of time. Consider having the best Dove Canyon movers pack your belongings as well as moving them. At minimum, hire a babysitter for the actual day of the move. Kids can easily get underfoot – and could easily get hurt – on moving day. Keeping them entertained elsewhere makes life easier for everyone.

7. Have a going away party.

Make time for a goodbye party in your old home. If you’re moving far away from neighbors or family members, consider inviting them, too. If you’re just moving locally, have a family night where you eat pizza and talk about all your favorite memories in your home.

Moving is never truly easy. There’s always a lot to the process, and this is even more true when kids are involved. But with these helpful hints and tips, moving will be easier for all of you.