6 Reasons Portable Storage is a Great Option

ladera-ranch-movers-portable-storageIf you’re doing a typical point A to point B personal move, you probably don’t need self storage. But in some situations, having another place to store your household goods during the moving process is nice – or even totally necessary.

For one thing, what do you do if you have to move out of your home before your new one is ready? In some cases, your buyers are ready to close before your next home is finished – or even before you’ve found a next home. This can be a good problem to have, but you probably don’t want to take all of your household goods with you to a short-term residence. So storage comes in handy here.

Another case where you may need self storage is if you’re downsizing. In this case, you may want a place to keep some of your household goods while you settle in. Then, you can decide what’s essential and what what you need to get rid of.

In either of these cases – or any others that might require self storage during a move – you could go with a traditional self storage unit. And this can be a good option in some situations. But before you assume that’s what you’ll need to get, consider using portable self storage from your local Ladera Ranch movers. This type of storage can be extra easy to use and convenient.

What are these units?

Some Ladera Ranch movers offer portable storage units, which are like shipping crates. They bring these large boxes to your home, and you (or the movers) pack them up with your household goods that you want to store. Then, they can put the unit into a storage warehouse for a while. When you’re ready, the movers bring the storage unit back to you, and you (or the movers) unpack the unit.

What makes them great?

Portable self storage units come in a variety of sizes and are usually rented month to month – like their traditional counterparts. But they’re better for some situations for a variety of reason:

  1. 1.Simplicity. The primary reason people opt for portable self storage units from Ladera Ranch movers is that they’re more convenient than traditional storage units. Since the storage unit comes to you, it couldn’t be easier. Your movers can put the storage unit right at your door, so you don’t have to mess with loading your household goods into a truck and then unloading them into your storage unit.
  2. 2.Affordability. People often assume that things that are easier to use are more expensive. But with portable storage units, this isn’t necessarily the case. In fact, they can be quite an affordable option. Often, the monthly fees are similar to those of traditional storage units in the area. And you don’t have to rent a moving truck twice, so that can save money.
  3. 3.Moving services. The advantage to renting a portable storage unit from Ladera Ranch movers is that you can get it as part of your overall moving package. In other words, you can still pay the movers to do much of the packing and heavy lifting. They’ll just move things using the portable storage unit, rather than a traditional moving truck.
  4. 4.Fire protection. While indoor storage units may have fire protection, traditional outdoor facilities usually don’t. The warehouse that a portable storage unit is stored in, though, will have top-of-the-line fire protection, so you know your goods will be safe in case of fire or other problems.
  5. 5.Security. Besides having fire protection, portable storage unit facilities often have excellent security. With a traditional storage unit, you may get an alarm on your door, or even 24/7 camera monitoring. But most facilities aren’t manned around the clock, like portable storage unit warehouses may be. Since these warehouses store a lot of goods – often very expensive ones – they typically have top-of-the-line security systems.
  6. 6.Flexibility. As noted above, many portable storage facilities offer a variety of unit sizes, and they also offer flexible monthly payment plans. This means that you can pay for only the storage that you need, without having to pay for extra space that you won’t use.

Portable storage units aren’t the best solution for every move. They can be a little harder to access than traditional 24/7 storage facilities. But if you need an affordable, easy solution while you’re in between homes or working on downsizing, this is definitely something to check out.

The best place to shop for a portable storage unit is with your local Ladera Ranch movers. They’ll be able to help you craft a moving package that includes portable storage for the requirements of your particular move. Just ask for a moving company who can give you a great deal on this portable, flexible, easy-to-use form of self storage.