5 Tips for Hiring Movers On A Small Budget

laguna hills moving companies 015 Tips for Hiring Movers On A Small Budget

When you don’t have a lot of money to work with for your upcoming move, you might assume that hiring professional movers for the process is impossible. However, if you take the right steps, you might find that hiring the best Laguna Hills moving company for your move is actually more affordable than you’d think.

To start with, if you’ve never hired a moving company, you may be surprised at how affordable even a full-service move can be. Most people don’t have a clue how much services cost until they actually hire a mover! Plus, hiring professionals can save you time, and can result in fewer broken and damaged items (read: fewer costs) in the long run.

Want to look into hiring a moving company on a shoestring budget? Check out these five tips:


Generally, people don’t prefer to negotiate for anything. This is probably what makes buying a car so frustrating for many people! But you’ll need to be prepared to negotiate when signing a contract with a moving company. As with most service-based companies, moving companies are often surprisingly willing to negotiate prices and services in order to earn your business.

2.Pay for only what you need

If you’re really on a tight budget, a full-service move really may be outside of your budget. But you can still pay for the services you need the most and get an affordable move. The most affordable option is to hire movers just for the heavy lifting – to pack and unpack the moving van. But you may be able to add some additional services beyond this.

The key here is to only pay for what you actually need. So when the Laguna Hills moving company representative comes to give you a quote on the cost of your move, be specific about your expectations. Then, be sure to double-check the itemized, written quote to ensure you’re getting all the services you want, and none that you don’t.

3.Ask about custom crating services

One easy way to come down somewhere between “no moving services” and “expensive full-service move” is with custom crating services. Basically, you’ll hire the movers to pack only the items that particularly need an expert’s touch. Custom crating services are especially helpful for items like antique furniture, artwork, and other valuables.

These items are valuable enough that you want a pro to ensure they’re packed correctly, and that are worth paying the extra for. With custom crating, you don’t have to spend money on moving services for all of the items in your home, but you can ensure that your most prized possessions are packed by experts who truly know what they’re doing.

4.Ask about timing

If you’ve got some flexibility in your move date, you might ask whether you can get a better rate by moving at an off-peak time. Some moving companies have busier days of the week or weeks of the month, and these busier times may come with premium rates. If this is the case, you could save by moving during an off-peak time, when the moving company tends to be less busy. This isn’t always true, but you never know until you ask.

5.Just ask

Sometimes, all you have to do in order to save is ask. Some movers will run specials or offer discounts in certain circumstances. Others will do what it takes to work with you on a quote that works for your budget. If you need to trim some dollars off of that quote, just ask. Be up front about your budget and your needs, and the best Laguna Hills moving companies will work with you to meet both.

All too many people who are moving are under the false impression that hiring a moving company to do the work is impossible due to budget constraints. But you never know until you try! Since an in-person quote is usually (or should be!) free, you don’t have anything to lose by scheduling a quote to talk with a move about your particular needs and budget. You may be surprised at how much you can afford, and how much time and effort hiring a moving company can save you!