5 Things Balboa Movers Won’t Take on the Truck


5 Things Balboa Movers Won’t Take on the Truck

As you shop around for the best Balboa moving company for your upcoming move, you might assume that your moving company will take anything in your home to your new home. They will, after all, deal with your monstrously heavy bedroom suite and your grandma’s antique dining room table. So why not everything else?

Well, in fact, moving companies are restricted from taking certain types of items on their moving vans. And other items may just fall outside their purview of what’s safe for them to move. Before you jump into the hiring process, here are five types of items that most moving companies won’t move for you.

Government-restricted hazardous materials

Many moving companies really wouldn’t mind moving your box of nail polish to your new home, but the government prevents them from doing this. Yes, nail polish is on the list of hazardous materials that the federal government keeps moving companies from transporting for their customers.

More obvious hazardous materials include gas and propane tanks, liquid bleach, and car batteries. Other items on this list are charcoal, other types of batteries, and scuba tanks. To comply with federal regulations, moving companies aren’t allowed to move these items.

Some movers have additional restrictions, though, for the safety of their trucks and crews. For instance, they might not transport any lawn care or household cleaning chemicals. It’s important to ask up front what types of hazardous materials you’ll need to either get rid of or plan to transport yourself.

Food items

Clearly the movers aren’t going to deal with the milk in your fridge or last night’s leftovers. But more surprisingly, there are also certain pantry items they won’t move. You’re okay with jars, cans, and boxed items that are considered nonperishable. Where you run into trouble is with items that have been opened. As soon as the seal is broken, those items are considered perishable and can’t be transported by the moving company. So eat up all those opened boxes of cereal and pasta before moving day!

Another item that your movers won’t move if opened is spices. This is a little less obvious, since even open spice jars have a long shelf life. But, again, if it’s open, the moving company likely won’t deal with it for you. So either use up all the spices before you move, or plan to take them in your own vehicle when you move.

Lawn care equipment

Don’t get too worried here. Most Balboa movers will, indeed, move your mower and your weed eater. The problem is that they can’t move these items with full fuel tanks. They’ll typically just ask you to empty out the gas tank as much as possible before moving day, so that these items are safer to move.

Also, it’s important to be sure that you are up front with your movers about what you’re expecting them to move. In other words, don’t spring on them on moving day that they’re expected to take your large ride-on lawn mover to your new home. Be sure that the back yard, shed, and garage are all part of the process when you go through the original quoting process.


Houseplants can be hard to move just because they’re finicky, and changes in temperature and humidity can throw them off kilter. But what’s more, moving plants across state lines can be tricky because some states have restrictions on which plants can be moved into their borders.

If you’re moving a short distance, your Balboa moving company may agree to move large houseplants that won’t fit into your personal vehicle. Just talk to your movers about this when they’re giving you quotes.


Of course, you don’t expect your moving company to move your cat or dog. But you might think your movers can take your tank full of fish or your pet lizard. In fact, moving vans can easily get too hot for any pets, even those who like the heat. So your movers are not going to move live animals for you. Instead, you’ll need to clean out your tanks and send those with your mover, while taking your live pets with you in your personal vehicle.

As you can see, there actually aren’t many restrictions on what your movers will move for you. You’ll just need to ask about restrictions like these up front, so you’re aware well ahead of time of what your moving company can and cannot move for you.