5 Reasons to Consider Corona Del Mar Professional Movers & Packing

corona-del-mar-movers-packersWhen it comes time to move, you might be gathering quotes from various Corona Del Mar moving companies. You may be thinking that you’ll just pay someone to move things from point A to point B. After all, it’s better than renting a truck and doing it all yourself!

But you might be thinking that there’s no way you could afford to pay someone to pack for you. That’s a lot of time and labor, and it would be expensive, right?

Well, maybe not. You can actually get a pretty good deal on packing, too, if you play your cards right. This is especially true if you hire the moving company to pack just some – not all – of your household goods. Plus, you may think that packing is easy, but it’s actually the most time-consuming piece of the moving process by far.

Here are just five solid reasons you might want to consider hiring Corona Del Mar movers to pack your home for you:

1. Packing takes loads of time

For one thing, packing is by far the most time-intensive part of the moving process. You might have to start packing weeks before your move to fit it in around your busy life. But packing a box here and there means that you’ll wind up with lots of your home packed up days or weeks before your move. This can be a huge pain.

Plus, think of what you’ll miss out on while you’re packing. Maybe you have to take time off work, which means you’re either “paying” in vacation time or missed pay. Or maybe you have to take time away from your family or friends, which is never a great idea for the long term.

If you’ve never done extensive packing of a whole household, you may not realize just how much time it can take. But here’s the thing: the moving company knows exactly how long it’ll take. In fact, it will likely take professional movers two days or less to pack your entire house.

No time missed at work. No boxes lying around for months. And no giving up time doing other things you love to worry about packing your home for the big move.

2. Packing takes particular materials

Chances are likely that you don’t have everything you need to pack your home on hand – not even close. Even if you pick up some used boxes at the local grocery store, that’s still not all you need. You need packing paper, tape, plastic wrap, and possibly specialized materials for packing furniture, electronics, or art pieces.

Since these materials costs will be included in the overall moving costs from your Corona Del Mar movers, you might find that it’s pretty efficient to just hire out this task. After all, if you go buy materials, you’ll get a consumer price, rather than a wholesale price. And you may have to buy too much just to get enough for your job. The movers, on the other hand, will have exactly what they need without 3AM runs to the supermarket for more tape.

3. Packing takes knowledge

Do you know how to make sure everything in your home is packed properly? What about dealing with specialized items like antiques, your TV, or works of art? There’s actually a bit of an art and science to packing a home. You need the right size boxes for the right items. You need to ensure those boxes don’t get too heavy. And you need to be sure that you move through rooms efficiently and quickly.

Unless you have experience with lots of moves, you probably haven’t gained this specialized knowledge. So it can be worth hiring Buena Park moving companies for the packing process just for their specialized knowledge – especially when it comes to custom crating for your most valuable or fragile items.

4. Packing may mean better insurance

Paying for packing may actually save you money in one area: on moving insurance. Because a moving company has no idea how you’d pack a box, they may not offer the same level of insurance when you self-pack. They know, on the other hand, that their people are going to pack those boxes right. So they may offer better or cheaper insurance on the items packed by their own people.

This isn’t true of every moving company, of course, but it’s true of many. So before you sign a moving company, be sure to ask about the rules and regulation for insurance coverage. It’s sometimes worth having the moving company pack your most valuable items just for the added layer of insurance.

5. Packing may be cheaper than you think

You might think that hiring out the packing process is incredibly expensive. But the truth is that it doesn’t have to be. Because professional packers are very efficient, you may pay for far fewer man hours than you’d think. And when you look at what you’re missing out on to do your own packing, the savings could really add up.

The best Corono Del Mar movers will also work with you to create a custom package. So maybe you can pack the easiest parts of your home – like the bedroom and linen closets – to save some money. But maybe the movers will tackle the more complicated projects, like the kitchen and the electronics. This can give you a good balance of saving money and ensuring that the packing process goes smoothly.