5 Reasons Lahabra Movers think Portable Storage is Awesome

lahabra-movers-portable-storageWhen it comes to moving, many people wind up using a self storage unit for part of the moving process. If you’re moving straight from one home to the next, this may not be necessary. But in some situations, storage is absolutely essential.

For instance, if you’re downsizing, you may not know yet which furnishings and household goods will fit into your new, smaller home. So you may want to use storage while you’re figuring that out.

And if you have to move out of your current home or apartment right away but your next home isn’t ready, you may need to store most of your household goods for a while. A self storage unit is the perfect solution for situations like these.

However, before you look for traditional self storage units, you may want to check out La Habra movers who offer portable self storage units.

What are they?

Portable self storage units look a lot like big metal shipping containers – although they’re not usually semi-sized! They have a door that opens so that you can put stuff into them and get it out of them. La Habra movers bring a storage unit like this one to your home – your yard, driveway, or wherever else you can put it. You (or the movers) pack it up, and then the movers take it to a secure storage location.

Once there, your packed unit is placed in a secure warehouse. When you’re ready to unpack it, the movers bring your storage unit back to you at your new home. There, you (or the movers) can unpack it.

Why are they great?

Portable self storage units are similar to traditional units in that you can rent storage for a short period of time – or years, if you need it that long. But they have a few advantages, including the following:

  1. 1.Convenience. The number one reason to choose portable storage units over their traditional counterparts is that they’re extra convenient. With a traditional storage unit, you have to take all of your stuff to the storage location. With portable units, your La Habra movers bring the storage to you. And you can basically walk everything out the door and straight into storage – no moving trucks necessary.
  2. 2.Price. You might be surprised to learn that portable storage can actually be as affordable as traditional storage. Especially when you include the fact that you don’t have to rent a moving truck twice! Before you assume that a portable unit will be the more expensive option, shop around!
  3. 3.Moving services. If you rent a portable unit from local La Habra movers, you may get added conveniences. For instance, you could get the storage unit as part of a package that lets the movers do all the heavy lifting for you. You can still use a portable unit, but the movers can pack and unpack it for you.
  4. 4.Security. Many traditional storage units are quite secure with alarm systems and such. But rarely are they as secure as a secure warehouse that has people on hand to deal with potential problems 24/7. With a portable unit, your household goods will be stored in a larger facility with top-of-the-line security.
  5. 5.Fire protection. It can be hard to protect outdoor storage units, especially, from fire. But some portable storage unit companies have a fire-protected warehouse, so you can rest assured that your household goods will be safe from this sort of disaster, too.
  6. 6.Options. While some companies only offer huge storage units, many offer a variety of sizes, just like traditional storage units. You don’t have to pay for loads of storage space that you don’t need, and can rent only what you need to use for the time period that you need the portable storage unit.

Portable storage units are not an ideal solution for every type of move. Sometimes you may not need storage at all. Or sometimes you may need to have easier access to your storage on a regular basis, which is more easily done with traditional storage. But if you do need to store some or most of your household goods during the moving process, you should talk to La Habra movers about your portable self storage options.

Portable storage units are a simple, flexible way to get the storage you need at a great price. And when you rent a storage unit as part of a larger moving package, you may find that the price is much less than you’d expected. Contact your La Habra movers today to find out about your portable storage unit options.