5 Qualities to Look for in Your Laguna Niguel Small Business Movers

When you’re looking for a Laguna Niguel mover to move your small business to a new location, you need to be sure you’re getting a moving company that will work well for your needs. Moving to a new home is one thing. But moving a business takes a time and experience. You don’t want just any moving company taking your business’s expensive equipment to its new home.

So what do you look for when you’re choosing a Laguna Niguel small business mover for your business’s big move? Here are five qualities to consider:


1. Experience

Before you spend a lot of time talking with a Laguna Niguel moving company about their services, ask how much experience they have specifically with business moving. If they mostly do residential moves, or if they’re a brand new company, you may want to look elsewhere.

The intricacies of business moving mean that it can be difficult to plan and carry out this type of move with an inexperienced mover. They just won’t know what to expect. But when you work with an experienced Laguna Niguel moving company who has done plenty of small business moves, you can rest assured that your move will be smooth and simple.

2. A solid plan

Typically, you don’t need a huge plan to move to a new residence. You simply get the movers in a couple of days before you’re set to move, have them pack, and then move. Other than the buying and selling of homes or the leasing of apartments, the actual moving process is pretty straightforward.

Not so when it comes to small business moves. When you’re moving a small business, you may need to do it on a very tight time frame. Or you might choose to move part of the business at one time, and part at another time so that you can at least keep up minimal operations. And if you’re moving a retail store with all its stock – things can get out of hand really quickly!

So before you hire a moving company for your business move, talk to various movers to see who can help you create and carry out a plan for moving your business.

3. Guaranteed estimates

Some disreputable moving companies will give you ballpark quotes over the phone, but they won’t guarantee these quotes. They’ll give you a false impression of what the services will cost, and then they’ll change the pricing on you when it comes down to actually signing the contract.

What you want is an in-person quote, since this is the only way to ensure that everything is accounted for. Since movers typically price by weight, you want to be sure your moving company has a very good idea of how much weight you need to move before giving you a quote. And then you want to ensure that the quote you get is guaranteed, on some level.

Some moving companies will do a very thorough initial quote that they will literally guarantee, barring certain unforeseen expenses (which they should tell you about up front). Others will guarantee the original quote up to about 10% in possible contingency fees. This still limits your overall costs and gives you a better idea of how much the moving company’s services will actually cost.

4. Great customer service

From the first phone call you make to a Laguna Niguel moving company, you’ll have some idea of the company’s level of customer service. When the phone is answered quickly and courteously, and they schedule your initial consultation quickly, that’s a good sign. Further signs of good customer service include offering good answers to all your questions, and answering any phone calls or emails in good time.

You know as a small business owner that everything comes down to customer service these days. So don’t give yourself a raw deal by choosing a moving company who doesn’t believe the same thing.

5. Good value

As a small business owner, you want to save your company money however and wherever you can. But be sure you aren’t getting cut-rate services for rock-bottom prices. Instead, look at a moving company’s overall value. What are you getting for the money, compared with what other companies are offering? This is the real question you need to ask yourself when deciding which Laguna Niguel small business movers are the best option for your small business.

When you’re looking at value, be sure that you have a whole picture of a moving company. How is their customer service? What services are they offering? Will they take care of most of the planning and execution? Can they take any additional moving details off your hands so you can keep your business running? All these are important considerations you’ll want to make when choosing a moving company to get your small business to its new location.