5 Pinterest Hacks for a Super Organized Move

corona del mar moving companies 02Organization is key when it comes time to move. You can start with hiring the best Corona Del Mar moving company, who will keep things organized on their end. But, in the end, only you can be responsible for organizing all your stuff and getting it all ready for the moving process. Luckily, Pinterest has some wonderful ideas for keeping things organized during the moving process. Here are just five of the best ones:

1.Inventory everything

It’s not uncommon to find advice that says to write on each box what’s inside that box as you’re packing. And that can be a good place to begin. But you can actually make a more detailed list if you use an inventory sheet. Plus, a separate sheet means you aren’t advertising the contents of each box to everyone who comes into contact with it.

Inventorying your boxes is less complicated than it sounds. Just write a number on each box as you pack it. Ideally, you’ll get the number onto at least three sides of the box so that it’s easy to find. Then, write that box’s number, and take an inventory of what’s included in the box beside it. For added peace of mind, make a digital copy of the list that you can access from your phone or computer.

2. Prioritize your unpacking

Prioritizing packing is important, especially if you’re doing it all yourself. But even if you’re hiring the best Corona Del Mar movers to pack your belongings, you’ll need to prioritize the unpacking process. The best way to do this is to prioritize boxes as you pack them.

Boxes that are full of everyday-use items can be marked with a high-priority label. Boxes full of keepsakes and knickknacks for decoration can be labeled with a low-priority label. You can just mark the boxes with numbers (1, 2, 3) or colors (red, yellow, blue) to keep the priorities straight.

3. Color code your boxes

One great way to take full advantage of hiring the best Corona Del Mar movers is to have the movers take boxes to the rooms where you’ll eventually want them. You can do this by labeling boxes with the name of the room that they’ll go into. But this can get confusing, especially if you’re moving into a large house with multiple bedrooms and bathrooms.

Instead, consider color-coding boxes with colored stickers or tape. Put a label on each box, and on moving day, put a matching label on the door frame of the coordinating room. This makes it easy for movers to get the boxes to the right location.

4. Keep essentials separate

Even if you’ve prioritized your boxes, you may want to take time to separate out essentials that you’ll need within a day of moving into your new home. For instance, you’ll want basics like toilet paper and towels for the bathroom. You may need some hand tools for assembling furniture. Put these things aside separately, preferably in a completely different container like a clear plastic tote. That way you can easily find these items you need right away.

5. Make an insurance inventory

If you’re paying for moving insurance – or if your homeowner’s insurance policy covers moving-related issues – consider making a separate inventory for insurance. You’ll actually want to do this with photos. Take pictures of any valuable items you’re insuring, including pertinent details like serial numbers.

The easiest option for this inventory is to take the photos digitally and then export them to a cloud storage system like DropBox. Then, you can easily access the photos as needed if you need to make an insurance claim.

As you can see, staying organized during your move takes some work on the front end. Even with the best Corona Del Mar movers on hand, you’ll have to do some of the work of planning and organizing. But doing this work now can save you tons of time when it comes time to unpack everything in your new home.