4 Things Your Dana Point Movers Won’t Handle


4 Things Your Dana Point Movers Won’t Handle

When you hire the best Dana Point moving company, you might assume that they’ll automatically move anything and everything in your home. While great movers will handle everything from your heaviest armoire to your most fragile box of dishes, the fact is that they won’t deal with absolutely everything in your home. Here are just some of the things your moving company is restricted from moving:

Pantry food

Of course, you already know your movers aren’t going to pack up last week’s pizza from your fridge. Perishable foods are definitely off limits, nor would you want them in a hot moving van for a few hours. But what you might not expect is that movers also won’t take certain pantry items that you likely consider nonperishable.


Sealed nonperishable goods, such as cans or sealed boxed pastas and cereals, are fine. If you’re paying for a full-service move, your movers will both pack and move these items. But any opened boxes are considered perishable, so you’ll have to deal with them on your own.

You’ll also need to deal with any open jars of spices. While you might consider these nonperishable because they last so long, they’re still no longer sealed and will likely be off limits for your moving company. So plan to use up all that parsley before moving day, or you can pack your spices in a separate box and pack them in your own vehicle.

Hazardous materials

Moving companies are actually restricted by the federal government from dealing with certain hazardous materials. To transport these materials, drivers need to have special licenses. Since this isn’t the case for most Dana Point moving companies, they aren’t allowed to handle certain hazardous materials.

These materials include the obvious things, like fuel, propane tanks, oxygen tanks, and other highly flammable or explosive items. Less obvious items include liquid bleach, nail polish, and charcoal. Some moving companies play it safe and will not take any lawn care, pool care, or cleaning chemicals on their moving trucks.

Usually this isn’t a huge problem. But it’s something to consider leading up to moving day. You should know what items your movers aren’t allowed to handle so that you can plan ahead.


For the most part, mammal owners don’t expect the moving company to take their pets on the moving van. But you’d be surprised at how often Dana Point moving companies get questions about movers transporting lizards, frogs, fish, and other aquarium-dwelling pets.

Unfortunately, the back of a moving van simply gets too hot and stuffy to be safe for even heat-loving animals. So it’s not a good place for any pets.

While movers won’t take your live animals, though, they can take the empty tanks and cages. Sometimes it’s easier to transfer animals to smaller containers for the move, and then let the movers take their large aquariums, which are often too bulky to fit easily into a regular vehicle. Just be sure that your movers are aware of this if this is your plan.


Movers often won’t transport plants across state lines at all, since certain states have restrictions on which types of plants they’ll allow within their borders. Also, though, the hot moving van could easily kill a houseplant, even in just a few hours of driving.

It’s usually best to plan to take your houseplants with you in your own vehicle. However, if you’re moving a very short distance and are dealing with extra large floor plants, your moving company may agree to move your largest plants for you. Just ask about this ahead of time.

Between your spices, houseplants, pets, and other materials that the movers won’t take on the moving van, you’ve got a lot of items to take in your own vehicle. This is why you may actually need some help on moving day, even if you’re planning to hire a moving company for a full-service move. Just an extra vehicle can make getting all these items from point A to point B much easier and less stressful.

It’s important to consider what you’ll have to take with you in your own vehicle ahead of moving day. So be sure to talk to your movers about the items that they will and will not move for you well ahead of time, so that you can be fully prepared on the day of your big move.