4 Things Lake Forest Movers Won’t Handle

lake forest moving companiesWhen you’re prepping for your big moving day, it’s essential that you communicate with your Lake Forest movers. Obviously, you need to be sure that you and the movers are on the same page about things like timing and price. But you should also be sure you know any rules or regulations the moving company might have for its customers.

Maybe you’re surprised to hear that this is even an issue. After all, aren’t you the one paying the company? Well, moving companies still need to protect their own assets and comply with government regulations. That’s why they often have a list of things that they can’t or won’t haul for customers.

Often times, this list is just in alignment with what the DOT says the company can and cannot haul. Most short-distance, local moving companies are licensed to carry just household goods and general freight. Some of them can carry automobiles, but they don’t typically meet the strict requirements necessary for hauling livestock, hazardous materials, and the like.

As you prepare for your big moving day, communicating with your Laguna Woods moving company is essential. You need to know the plan, as far as getting ready to move. One of the many things you need to know from your mover is their rules and requirements.

You’re probably not planning on loading the family cow up into the moving van, but you still might bump into some of these regulations if you’re not careful. So before you move, think through how you’ll transport these four things that your Lake Forest movers probably won’t handle for you:

1.Personal items

This is one area where moving companies have wildly different rules. Some of them, for instance, will carry any personal items that you trust to the moving van. Others won’t haul items over a certain value – especially jewelry – without a special contract or insurance. Most of the time, moving companies won’t handle your prescription medications. There’s just too much liability wrapped up in that. And, besides, what happens if you need those medications while they’re on the moving van?

Even if your moving company does take any personal items you might send in the moving van, think twice. You may feel calmer with irreplaceable items like family photo albums, special jewelry, and other sentimental items in your own hands. Even with a great insurance policy, a moving company couldn’t replace these items if the worst happened! And you definitely want to keep any important paperwork and medications with you, rather than in the moving van.

2. Hazardous goods

Again, exactly what is considered “hazardous” can vary from one moving company to the next. Many times, though, these restrictions are similar to Post Office restrictions surrounding hazardous goods. Moving companies typically won’t, for instance, haul anything potentially explosive. So you’ll have to pack your stash of fireworks in your own trunk!

Other companies may have stricter rules surrounding things like opened containers of household cleaning supplies. You’ll just have to check with your Lake Forest movers about which items they will and will not haul while you’re planning your move.

3. Pets

You may not be planning to pack the family cow into the moving van, but keep in mind that the movers probably won’t handle your fish, lizards, dog, or other pets, either. Moving vans just aren’t set up to take breathing, living animals in the back. And it would be illegal for most moving companies to move live animals, anyway.

So if you’re preparing for a longer move, and you won’t be able to take your pets on the plane with you and your family, ask your moving company if they know of a solution. The best Lake Forest movers may not be able to take your animals for you, but they might be able to refer you to other options.

4. Food

Typically, moving companies can pack up canned goods and other nonperishable items. But they won’t be handling anything that lives in your fridge – or even opened boxes of cereal. These items are just too easy to spoil, even on a short-distance move.

The best way to deal with perishables and your move is just to eat up most of what you have on hand before the move. Then, you can pack up the minimal items that you have left in your fridge, and haul them to your new home on your own.

As we already noted, these rules aren’t necessarily industry standards, for the most part. Different companies can be licensed to carry different types of items, and some companies have restrictions that go above and beyond those of the DOT. It’s up to you to make sure you know what your Lake Forest moving company will and will not haul on your behalf – before moving day!