4 Reasons to Use Portable Storage

fullerton-movers-portable-storageMost of the time, moving is a straightforward – if exhausting – process. You pack everything up, load up the truck, and move to your new home. But sometimes, things aren’t quite that simple. For instance, you might need to move into an apartment temporarily between homes. Or, perhaps, you’re downsizing into a smaller home, and you’re not sure what to keep and what to get rid of.

In either case, you might considering renting a traditional storage unit. You can keep your stuff there temporarily while you’re in between places. But we may have a better option: a portable storage unit.

With this type of unit, the movers actually bring the storage to you. Before you move, they can park your storage unit in your driveway or your yard. You (or the movers) can then pack up the unit. Fullerton movers who offer this service, will then move the unit to their secure warehouse location.

From there, you get to decide when you want the things in your unit back. Once you’re in your new home, the moving company can bring the portable storage unit to your home. Then, you can sort and unpack at your leisure.

Portable storage units can be as affordable as regular storage units. But they are much more convenient, especially if Fullerton movers can pack and unpack the unit for you. Wondering exactly why you should consider using a portable storage unit during your move? Here are four great reasons:

  1. 1.It’s simple.

In an unusual moving situation, the traditional storage unit seems tempting. They’re pretty affordable, and they’re easy to use. But a portable storage unit from Fullerton movers is so much simpler. When you have to move everything to a storage unit, unload it, load it again, and move it again, that takes some serious time and effort.

With a portable unit, many of these steps are removed. You don’t have to pack up a moving truck twice. In fact, using a portable storage unit is like packing a moving truck, storing the truck somewhere until it’s convenient to unload, and then unloading it once. It’s simpler than using a traditional storage unit.

  1. 2.You can still use movers.

You may be under the impression that if you hire Fullerton movers to bring you a storage unit, you’ll do most of the work. But if you want, you can still hire the moving company for a full-service move. Instead of packing your stuff into a moving truck, they’ll pack it into the portable storage unit. When you’re ready, they can come to your location and unpack the unit later. This is especially great for large, heavy, or fragile items that you don’t really want to move on your own.

  1. 3.It’s affordable.

You might be thinking that with all this convenience, a portable storage unit is bound to be expensive. Well, you might be surprised. This type of unit can actually be quite affordable, if you shop with the right Fullerton movers. Shop around for traditional storage unit pricing, and you may find that a portable unit is well worth paying a tiny bit extra for. After all, it’s quite convenient, and that’s worth something!

  1. 4.It makes sorting easy.

When you’re moving to a new home, you may find that you have to get rid of some of your things. Maybe the couch won’t fit in the new living room, or you just want to take this opportunity to sort through all the things you’ve had lurking in your basement. In this case, a portable storage unit is great.

To start, you just move the absolute essentials to your new home (or your new in-between home, whichever the case may be). Then, you put the non-essentials into the portable storage unit. When you’re ready, the Fullerton movers will bring the unit to you. It can sit in your driveway for a few days or even a couple of weeks while you sort through all that non-essential stuff.

Find a few things that you’ll never use? Take them straight to the local donation store. That way, you don’t get stuck unpacking everything into your home, only to find that you’ve wound up with a bunch of stuff in your new home that you don’t really want or need any longer.

While a portable storage unit isn’t for everyone and doesn’t make sense for simple, straightforward moves, it’s a great option in many cases. If you’ll be in-between homes for a while, or if you’re downsizing considerably, a portable unit can make a great deal of sense. So when you’re shopping around for Fullerton movers, ask if the movers you’re interested in offer this type of service.