10 Tips for a Wonderful Moving Day

la habra moving company tips 01La Habra Moving Company Tips

As you get ready for your moving day, don’t leave everything up to your movers. Even if you’ve hired the best La Habra moving company, you’ll have to do some preparation and work on moving day. Sure, they’ll do the heavy lifting. But you’ll need to take these ten other steps to ensure your moving day is a success:

  1. Chat with the neighbors. Even if you only know your neighbors enough to wave hi from the driveway, let them know about your upcoming move. It’s courteous to alert them to expect additional traffic in the area on your moving day. This is especially important if you live in a condo, subdivision, or apartment complex where you share parking lot or street parking, and will be taking up more than your usual share on the day you move.
  • Pack a cooler. It’s a good idea to keep cold water around on moving day – both for your family and for the movers. You may also want to pack some sandwiches or other cooler-friendly foods that will be easy to grab in the middle of a busy day.
  • Give the movers directions. Today, most moving trucks are going to be equipped with GPS. Still, it’s a good idea to let the movers know where they’re going, especially giving them details like the color of your new home. Be sure to note if there are any specific instructions for where to park the moving van at your new home.
  • Give the contract a once-over. At this point, you should already be familiar with the Bill of Lading for your move. But it’s a good idea to double check that everything is in order before you start the moving process. Make sure you’re getting all the services you wanted, and be sure you understand what’s gone into the final price. With most companies, you’ll pay the bill on moving day, so be ready for that.
  • Check everything off your list. Your movers will likely take an inventory during the moving process, but it never hurts to do this on your own, too. As items go onto the moving van, make a list. Then, as they come off, use the list to check to ensure everything is in good condition. If an accident happened during the move, take note of the problem, and bring it to the attention of the lead mover before they finish up with your move.
  • Put labels on everything. You’re already paying the best La Habra movers, so why not have them take all the boxes and furnishings to the room where they’ll ultimately go? If you get everything labeled ahead of time, the movers can take things to the rooms they’ll go in, saving you time and effort later on.
  • Get a sitter for pets and kids. Kids and pets can get confused on moving day, and they can easily get hurt just by being underfoot. The best option is to take your pets to the kennel for a day, or to crate them someplace quiet and calm. It’s easiest to get the kids out of the house, too. But if this isn’t an option, have a friend or family member watch your kids in one room of the home while the movers are doing their work.
  • Get ready to clean the home. Depending on your arrangements with your landlord or buyer, your home may need to be pretty clean when you leave. At minimum, you’ll need to wipe down hard surfaces and run the vacuum cleaner. Be sure to set aside the tools you’ll need to do so well before your moving day, so you can be ready to follow behind the movers to clean up the house.
  • Set aside personal items. Even the best La Habra movers have their limits, and some won’t move personal paperwork or expensive jewelry or other personal items. Set these items aside in their own box to be transported in your personal vehicle. Then, pack a suitcase for each family member full of a change of clothes and personal care items. It’s much easier to get ready for bed for the first night in your new home if you know where these essentials are.

Leave behind keys and other essentials in an obvious place. You want to double check the home, garage, shed, etc. to ensure your movers haven’t overlooked anything. But you do need to leave behind some items, like additional keys, garage door openers, etc. Be sure to leave these things in an obvious place – like on the kitchen counter – before you lock up for the last time.