10 Tips for a Fabulous Moving Day

huntington beach moving company tips 01Huntington Beach Moving Company Tips

If your moving day is fast approaching, you’ve hopefully already decided to work with the best Huntington Beach moving company. But even if you’re working with the best, you’ll still have some stuff to do when it’s time to move. Wondering what you should be worried about on the big day? Here are ten things you’ll want to do just before or on your moving day:

  1. Alert the neighbors. This is just a courtesy step, but it’s especially important if you’ll need extra parking lot or street parking spaces for moving day. It’s not as essential if every vehicle for your move will fit in your driveway. But otherwise, you’ll be surprised at how accommodating your neighbors can be if you just give them some fair warning.
  • Plan for some food. Moving day is a long day – even if you’re not doing most of the lifting. Set aside a cooler full of sandwiches and healthy snacks, and the day will go more smoothly for everyone. Even more importantly, invest in some bottled water to share with your movers and volunteers throughout the day.
  • Offer directions. Chances are your movers already have GPS directions programmed to your new home. But just in case, be sure you can tell them how to get there. You might also want to give them additional instructions for where to park at your new home, or help them find it by offering some landmarks or a description of the home.
  • Check the Bill of Lading. By now, you’ll have signed a contract with the best Huntington Beach movers. But before the movers get started, check over the Bill of Lading one last time. Ensure you’re getting all the services you should, and make sure you understand the final cost of the move, which will probably be due before they’ll unload the moving van.
  • Have an inventory list. The movers will probably have their own inventory list, but this is still a good idea. It never hurts to double check, after all. As items go on the moving van, check them off. When they come off the van, double check that everything is in good condition, and take note of any moving-related damage that might occur.
  • Label everything. When you’re paying for the services of the best Huntington Beach movers, why not take full advantage? By labeling boxes and furniture for the room that they’ll eventually land in, you can get the movers to take those items to those rooms – rather than just piling everything up in the living room. This saves you tons of time and effort later on! (Of course, you’ll need to be sure your contract covers this additional labor.)
  • Find an option for your kids and pets. Pets and kids can get confused and out of sorts on moving day, and no wonder. But this can lead to dangerous situations, where they could get hurt or even wander off when everyone is busy. So consider sending your kids to a friend’s house for the day, and kenneling your pets. If that’s not an option, at least pay someone to watch your kids and pets in the back yard or an empty room of your home for the day.
  • Prepare for cleaning. As you’re thinking through moving day, be sure to think about the items you’ll need for the cleaning process. This will depend on how clean you need to leave your home, and whether you’re hiring professionals to clean up for you. You’ll likely want to wipe down surfaces and vacuum, though, so set aside the supplies you need for this, so that you can follow the movers through the home and clean as you go.
  • Pack up a suitcase. Most movers suggest that you keep jewelry, important paperwork, and valuables with you instead of sending them on the larger moving truck. You’ll also want to pack personal care items and clean clothes for each member of your family. This makes it so much easier to get ready for bed on that first night in your new home, when everything is still boxed up and in disaray!

Make a list of leave-behind items. When you’re preparing to move, you’re probably focused on getting everything out of the house. And it’s important to make sure you don’t inadvertently leave anything behind. But there are some items you’ll actually need to leave behind – like extra keys, garage door openers, and manuals/warranties for any appliances that are staying in the home. Make a list of these items ahead of time, and double check to ensure you’ve left everything in an obvious place before locking up one last time.