10 Tips for a Better Moving Day

garden grove moving company tips 01Garden Grove Moving Company Tips

When you’re working with the best Garden Grove moving company, you might think you can just sit back and relax on moving day. And that’s partially true. At least, you won’t have to do any heavy lifting. But you’ll still have some work to do when moving day rolls around. Wondering what to expect? Here are our top 10 tips for a smoother move:

  1. Talk to your neighbors. One of the first steps is to give your neighbors a nice heads-up that you’re going to be moving soon. This is just a courtesy, but it’s especially nice if you’ll be taking up additional street parking spaces. Even if you’ll fit a moving van in your driveway, it’s nice to let the neighbors know to expect some extra comings and goings on your move day.
  • Run to the ATM. Having cash on hand for moving day can be a good idea. You may feel like tipping your movers. If nothing else, it’s nice to have around for a snack run in the middle of a long day.
  • Give the movers instructions. Generally, you can step back and let the movers do their job. But you may want to give them instructions about where to park or what your new home looks like. Chances are they’ll have working GPS, but make sure they know how to get to your new place, too.
  • Look over the contract. The movers should bring the final contract – called a Bill of Lading – with them to the move. Check over it to ensure you agree with everything there. Do this before the movers get started, just to be sure there aren’t any surprises on either end of the deal.
  • Take an inventory. The best Garden Grove movers will likely take an inventory when they start loading up the moving van. But you may want to take your own inventory list, too, just to double check. As everything comes off the moving van, be sure to check for any new damage or issues that weren’t there before the move, and note them down to bring to the movers’ attention.
  • Label each box and piece of furniture. You likely did this when you were packing, but if you’re paying the movers to pack, they might need some help here. It’s nice to have each box labeled with the room its contents will wind up in. Then, the movers can take everything where it will ultimately go, saving you time and labor.
  • Hire a sitter. Kids and pets can be tough on moving day. They’re not really sure what’s going on, and they can easily get underfoot and get hurt – or, even worse, slip out the open front door. It’s best to get them out of the house for the day, if at all possible. If not, crate the pets, and get a local teen to entertain your kids in the back yard or one of the empty rooms (supplied with a few toys, of course) for the day.
  • Get ready to clean. Think through the cleaning you’ll need to do post-move before you get started. Then, set aside cleaning materials, including paper towels, your vacuum, and a broom. It’s easiest if you can follow behind the movers to clean each room as they get it cleared out.
  • Pack your own suitcase. Each person in your family should have a separate suitcase packed full of personal care items and a change of clothes. This just makes it easier to get ready for bed after a long day of moving! Plus, you’ll want to keep jewelry, important paperwork, and other valuables in your own car for security.

Leave behind what stays. Of course, you’ll want to double check that every nook and cranny has been cleared of your family’s stuff. But you’ll also need to think through what you should leave behind for the next owners or renters in your home. Be sure that keys, garage door openers, appliance manuals, and other essential items that go with the home wind up in an obvious place before you lock up for the last time.