10 Moving Day Tips for a Smoother Move

la palma moving company tips 01La Palma Moving Company Tips

When you’re preparing for moving day, the best step you can take is to hire the best La Palma moving company. After that, though, you’ll have to tackle lots of little details. Even if the movers are planning to do most of the physical work, you’ll have some details to take care of on and before moving day. Here are our top 10 tips for a smooth, uneventful move:

  1. Look over the contract again. By the time you’ve hired the best La Palma movers, you should already be familiar with the moving contract – or Bill of Lading. But looking over it one last time before the move ensures you catch any mistakes early. So check to be sure you’re getting all the services you want, but not paying for any you don’t need.
  • Talk to the neighbors. A few days before you move, talk to your nearest neighbors, even if you don’t know them that well. Let them know that you’re planning to move, and when. This just helps them expect more traffic on that day, and they may agree to clear out additional parking spaces for you if you use community parking or street parking.
  • Figure out food. Pizza is a classic moving day treat. But you may not want to stop to order delivery in the middle of the move. Alternatively, pack a cooler or a bag full of easy-to-eat treats – and bottled water – so you and your crew have something to munch on during this long day.
  • Direct the movers. The Bill of Lading should include the address where you’re moving to, and the movers likely have access to high-tech GPS. But they may still ask for additional details, like where to park when they get to your new home, what your new home looks like, etc.
  • Make an inventory list. If you’re not super organized enough to already have an inventory list, no worries. Just write the list as the movers are carrying everything onto the moving truck. Mostly, you’re concerned about noting anything valuable, large, or breakable. Then, as the movers take things off the moving van, you can check for damage, and take notes on any issues you notice. Bring the damage to the notice of the lead mover as soon as possible.
  • Label it all. As the movers are packing up your home, you might want to label each box with two things: its contents and the room it’ll wind up in. This makes unpacking so much easier. Plus, labeled boxes and furnishings can go straight to the room where they’ll wind up, leaving you with less work to do for unpacking.
  • Take care of your kids and pets. Pets and kids need special arrangements for moving day, which can often be confusing and, frankly, dangerous, for them. Pets can easily slip out when no one is looking, and kids could get underfoot and get hurt. So book a sitter and/or a kennel for your loved ones on moving day. You won’t regret it!
  • Make a plan for cleaning. Chances are you’ll have to do at least some basic cleaning after everything is moved out of your home. How much will depend on your arrangement with your buyer or landlord. But be sure to plan for this by either hiring a cleaning company or leaving aside cleaning supplies you can use as the movers get everything out of your home.
  • Pack a suitcase for each family member. For one thing you’ll want to set aside boxes including personal paperwork, expensive jewelry, and similar items to go into your personal vehicle. It’s just for security, even if you’re working with the best La Palma moving company. Also, pack each family member a suitcase full of a change of clothes and personal care items. This will make your first night in your new home cozier and calmer.

Make a list of leave-behinds. Yes, the main goal on moving day is to ensure that you don’t leave anything behind. But you’ll actually need to leave a few things behind for the next person to live in your home. For instance, be sure to leave any extra keys, garage door openers, and the manuals for appliances that are staying in the home. Make a quick checklist ahead of time so that you don’t forget to leave these items before you lock up.