The Nuts and Bolts of Mover Estimates


What are the main factors considered by Newport Beach movers when calculating an estimate? While there are a number of variables that often come into play, the two main ones are weight and distance. 

For a Newport Beach moving company, distance is paramount. Be sure to know in advance what a mover will charge for each mile your precious cargo is hauled. Once their figures are in hand, you easily can double-check by consulting various online sources. Destinations such as Google Maps and MapQuest provide abundant and accurate information regarding distances between two locations. Once this information is in your possession, you can compare the online data with the moving company figures to ensure accuracy and gain peace of mind. 

Newport Beach moving companies also factor in weight when calculating the cost of a move. Weight charges are generally done on a price per pound basis. 

What’s more important to the final cost calculation — weight or distance? That all depends on the Newport Beach moving company. If you’re moving to another state or across many, many miles, distance likely will be the most important factor, no matter which Newport Beach movers are involved. 

If weight and distance charges are higher than anticipated, be sure to determine exactly what’s included in the moving services. Often higher charges may be justified by a greater number of services not included with the less expensive options. 

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