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La Palma Moving Tips with Storage

la palma moving companies 02Four Steps to Take When Using Portable Storage

These days, most moves are pretty simple. You just go from one point to the next, often in a single day if you’re moving locally. But if you’re in an unusual situation, you may need somewhere to store your things in between homes.

If this is the case, you may automatically think of using a traditional self storage unit for storing your things. But you don’t have to go with this option just because it seems like the best idea.

And even better option, sometimes, is to choose a portable storage unit. It offers many of the advantages of self storage, with added convenience. Wondering what these units are, how you can get one, and how to use one? Here’s what you need to know.


Why use portable storage?

A portable storage unit is somewhat like a large shipping crate. Some of the best La Palma moving companies offer them as an additional service. They’ll bring the unit to your home, where you (or they) pack it up. When the unit is packed, the movers will take it to their secure warehouse, where your things will reside until you’re ready to take them to your new home.

Once you’re ready to take the items to your new home, the movers will bring the portable storage unit back to you. Then, you have a few days to unpack it. Once it’s unpacked, the movers will take it away to be used by someone else.

Portable units are much more convenient than traditional storage units, where you have to load an unload your items multiple times. They’re not always the best option, but they’re certainly worth checking out if you’re in an unusual moving situation.

If you do choose to use a portable storage unit, use these tips to make the most of the space:

1.Invest in good boxes

It’s usually a good idea to invest in heavy-duty moving boxes for your more fragile items. But with a typical move, you can afford to toss clothes, for instance, into trash bags. When you’re moving with a portable storage unit, packing everything – especially oddly-shaped items – in boxes will make the most of your space.

Yes, investing in standard-sized moving boxes is more expensive, but it will also save you money in the long run by making the most of the space inside your storage unit.

2. Pack boxes well

Any time you’re moving, the best way to keep your items from breaking is to pack the items inside the boxes tightly. This is just as important when it comes to using a portable storage unit. You’ll want to give each box a shake test after you pack it. Just shake the box very gently. If you notice movement or hear items clinking together, you’ll need to add additional padding to the box.

Taking extra time to pack your boxes well will ensure that things don’t break during the moving process. The best La Palma moving companies will ensure that your storage unit stays level during the moving process. But even then, items might shift around. So take care to pack your boxes well, to protect your items during the moving process.

3. Plan how you pack the unit

Just as it’s important to pack your boxes well, it’s also essential to pack the items into your storage unit well. You’ll make the most of the space in your storage unit if you take time to put in the larger items first. Then pack the smaller items around them.

Also, be sure to keep your most important items near the door of the unit. Leave them out to pack last of all, so that they’re accessible first when it comes time to unpack.

You should consider leaving out any items that you might need during the storage period. While some companies will let you access your storage unit while it’s warehoused, you’ll likely need to provide advanced notice so they can bring your unit to a loading dock. So it’s more convenient if you leave out must-have and might-need items from the start.

4. Pack the unit tightly

As you’re packing the unit, try to use similar judgment to when you’re packing the boxes. In other words, the goal is to make sure nothing in your unit moves while the unit itself is being moved. You can tie down items to keep them in place, or just take time to pack tightly and snugly as you’re putting things into your portable storage unit.

When used properly, portable storage units can help you smooth out the process of moving into a home that’s not quite ready yet. You might have to live in a hotel or couch-surf for a while, but you won’t have to worry about where all your household and personal items are. You can trust the best La Palma moving company to care for your portable storage unit, and all the things you put inside it.