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Four Box Labeling Options for Your Move

When you’re preparing for a big move, you might think that the work is done when you hire the best los alimitos moving companies 02. And if you’re hiring the best, you will have less work to do. But that doesn’t mean you’re completely done. As the homeowner, it’s up to you to ensure that your stuff stays organized – and is easy for you to unpack after your move.

The best way to do this is to label your boxes carefully as you pack up. YOu’ll want to know what’s in each box, and where each box goes. You can even prioritize your boxes, so you know where to begin when you’re unpacking.

You might want to do all or none of these things. The key is to decide what works for you. But there are some box labeling options you might not even have heard of before. Here are four options to stay organized when it comes to your moving boxes.


1.Write the contents on each box

As you’re packing, one option is to write down on each box what’s inside that box. This can work well, especially if you’ve got multiple people packing. It’s somewhat limited, though. For instance, you’re probably not going to write a long list of contents on every side of the box, so it can be hard to see what’s in the box at a glance. Also, you’re advertising to anyone helping with your move – or any neighbors who happen to wander up – what’s in each box, which can be less than comfortable.

Still, this is a simple option that can help you keep tabs on where items are during the unpacking process.

2. Make an inventory list

Another good option here is to inventory your boxes. To do this, you should assign each box a number as you pack it. Write the number on multiple sides of the box so it’s easy to see. Then, make a list of box numbers, and write down beside each number what’s in the box.

The advantage of this is that you can kind of conceal what’s in individual boxes, if you want. And you can make a more detailed inventory list if you’re typing out a list, rather than writing it on paper.

3. Assign priority to your boxes

Another good option is to triage the boxes. This can help reduce overwhelm when it’s time to unpack. To do this labeling option, you’ll need to assign either numbers or colors to each of three priority levels – high, medium, and low. As you pack boxes, label them with the priority level.

You should only have a few high priority boxes, so that you can realistically get these boxes unpacked within a couple of days of moving. These should be things that you use on a daily or near-daily basis. Medium priority boxes will be items that you use frequently, but not absolutely everyday. Low priority boxes should be full of random knickknacks and decorative items that you don’t need to unpack with any urgency.

4. Color code for rooms

As you pack, you might want to consider one of the best ways to get the most bang for your buck with your Los Alamitos movers: labeling boxes with the room they’ll go into. This is an important trick because it means the movers can take your items to the room where they’ll ultimately end up. This saves you time and effort in the long run.

If you’re moving into a small home, you can probably just label boxes with the name of the room. Larger homes may require more planning. For instance, if you have multiple bedrooms, consider assigning each room a color. Label the boxes that go in that room with that color. Then, on moving day, put a similar label on the door of the room. Movers can quickly match boxes to the room they go into, saving time and confusion.

As you can see, it’s important that you set things up for your success. To unpack more easily and find items simply in your new home, it takes more than just hiring the best Los Alamitos movers. You’ll also need to take steps like these to ensure that you have a smooth, easy moving process.