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Five Injury-Preventing Moving Tips

mission viejo moving companies 01Mission Viejo Movers Five Injury-Preventing Moving Tips

When it comes to moving, it’s easy to wind up with an injury. Back strains are all too common among DIY movers, especially. But you can take some simple steps to prevent back injuries and other problems when you’re moving. Here’s how:


1.Take your time

Rushing is often a cause of injury, especially when it comes to moving. If you’re moving too quickly, you’re more likely to use poor body mechanics, causing back injury. But you are also more likely to make other silly mistakes, such as leaving items out where someone can trip over them, or packing boxes so that the bottom falls out and dumps the contents on your foot.

Many of these issues can be avoided by just giving yourself extra time. Take at least six weeks to pack if you’re doing it all on your own, and give yourself a whole day or more to actually move your items to your new home. Giving yourself plenty of time can also help you keep from getting sick, since you’ll be less stressed during the whole moving process.

2. Learn proper body mechanics

Probably the number one reason for injuries during the moving process is bad body mechanics. If you’re constantly lifting even lightweight objects in a manner that puts stress on your lower back, you’ll wind up sore and possibly with some strained muscles. Since back issues can drag on for months at a time, you definitely want to avoid this issue!         

Even people who work out constantly and are in great shape can easily be injured due to bad body mechanics. So you need to take time to learn and use good mechanics before you start moving your stuff into that moving truck. If you aren’t sure how to protect your back when picking up heavy items, get on YouTube and check out some videos that might show you how to do it.

3. Keep individual boxes light

It’s important that you pack items in the right boxes during the moving process, but it’s really easy to forget this when you’re packing in a rush. Generally, you want to pack bulky but lightweight items in larger boxes, and heavier items in smaller boxes. This means that winter coats and clothes go in big boxes, while books and silverware go in small boxes.

Not sure if your boxes are getting too heavy? Keep a scale nearby when you’re packing. Take the time to weigh boxes as you pack the first few, and you’ll pretty quickly get a feel for how heavy is too heavy. If you’re hiring professional Mission Viejo movers to handle your move, be sure to check if they have a per-box weight limit, as many moving companies do.

4. Disassemble furniture

Typically, you disassemble furniture for two reasons: it’s easier to pack, and it’s easier to lift. This doesn’t mean that you need to take apart every single piece of furniture you want to move. In fact, some of them are better left in one piece. But exceptionally heavy or awkward pieces should be taken into their component parts before the move, if you want to avoid injury. So get out that screwdriver before moving day, and get to taking heavy pieces apart.

5. Get help

All too often, consumers assume that a professional Mission Viejo moving company will charge way too much for a move. But this isn’t always the case. In fact, many times, a professional move is quite affordable. It’s definitely worth getting a quote, though, since hiring pros is the easiest option, by far, for preventing moving-related injuries.

If you don’t hire movers and instead have volunteers during your move, be sure that they understand proper body mechanics. Not only do you not want you friends to get injured because you care about them, but you also need to consider potential financial costs. You could possibly be on the hook for medical expenses related to injuries that take place on your property, so keep this in mind when using volunteers for your move.