Don’t Jump Ahead


It is well known that you should notify Anaheim movers well in advance when you’re planning a move. This gives those dedicated crews ample time to prepare for the day when they finally arrive to haul away your precious property. OK, that covers the long-term time frame. But there’s another matter you’ll want to consider when scheduling a move – something that has nothing to do with Anaheim moving companies and what they’re capable of doing. That something has to do with your very own house, the place where you’ll soon be hanging your hat.

Many people are so preoccupied with bringing their selected Anaheim moving company on board that they exclude their new home from the equation. They shouldn’t. There are many things about a new house that can impact move-out dates. For instance, if recently purchased, the residence will have a closing date. These important dates, of course, sometimes can be delayed as result of technicalities and other variables. So absolutely do not schedule your move-out on the expected closing date. Wait until everything is signed, sealed, and delivered.

The same principal holds true if you’re buying a brand new home still under construction. You can’t wait to get in there. Unfortunately, many unexpected circumstances can delay the completion of a new home, one of these being inclement weather. Again, wait until the home is officially completed and inspected before you commit to a move-out date. Doing so beforehand could place you in a very awkward situation … a situation where the home you intended to occupy just isn’t ready.

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