Costa Mesa – Avoid these Moving Mistakes


Moving Soon? Avoid These 10 Mistakes

When it comes to moving, starting by hiring the best Costa Mesa moving company is a great idea. But even when you’re working with a great moving company, there are some simple mistakes you can avoid. Here are the top 10 mistakes moving customers make, and how you can avoid them:

1. Picking the wrong movers.

Some people make the mistake of assuming that any moving company with a website is worth hiring. This is actually not the case. You’ll want to do at least some basic level of research on any moving company you choose. Be sure that your moving company is licensed by the Department of Transportation, and that they are insured. Then, do some research on the experience of other customers, to ensure that they have a good track record.

2. Not examining the bill of lading.

The contract between you and the moving company is called the bill of lading. This contract isn’t an exciting read, but it includes all the details of your arrangement with the moving company. Take time to ensure that you’re getting all the services you need, without paying for services you don’t need.


3. Not using free items.

If you’re on a tight budget with your move, you can trim off expenses by packing on your own and taking other steps to reduce expenses. One option is to use any free items that are available to you. For instance, you can often get old boxes from friends and family members, or collect newspapers to use for padding fragile items.

4. Packing boxes too heavily.

When packing boxes, your Costa Mesa movers may have a weight limit on the heavier boxes. Double check if you’re unsure if this is the case with your moving company. Even without specific weight limits, you’ll want to ensure that your boxes aren’t packed beyond their capacity. Putting heavy items in smaller boxes will save you from a sore back and broken boxes.

5. Not measuring your new home.

When you’re moving, it’s easy to assume that your furniture will fit properly into your new home. But even if your square footage is similar, you’ll want to ensure that your furniture will fit appropriately. Measure your new space, and sketch out where your furniture will go ahead of time. Anything that won’t fit should be sold or donated before moving day, as this can save you money on your move.

6. Not labeling boxes.

Whether you’re packing your own items or your moving company is packing for you, be sure that all your boxes are labeled appropriately. At minimum, boxes with fragile or heavy items should be labeled as such. It’s best to label boxes with what’s inside them, too, though. This makes the unpacking process much simpler.

7. Not changing your address.

Changing your address before your move is one of those simple things you can do online, but it’s easy to forget to do it. As soon as you have a new address, get online and update your address with the Post Office. This will ensure that you don’t miss any mail during the transition process.

8. Discarding receipts.

Sometimes, you can deduct moving-related expenses from your federal taxes. You’ll want to talk to the person filing your taxes about this possibility. If this is a deductible expense for you, hold on to your receipts for tax-time, and file them away for the required five to seven years after this.

9. Packing items the movers can’t move.

Moving companies all have a list of items they cannot transport for their customers. Even the best moving companies are restricted by federal limitations on what they can and cannot move. Before you start packing up your garage full of lawn treatment chemicals, check with your movers to see which items they cannot move. Chances are some of your chemicals are on the list, and you’ll need to make alternative arrangements for those items!

10. Leaving things to the last minute.

Sometimes, you just have to move at the last minute on a tight schedule. But if you can avoid this, you should. The best option is to begin the moving process just as soon as you possibly can when you know you’re ready to move.