Tips to Smooth the Process of a State-to-State Move

Traveling and Moving is stressful even under favorable conditions. Preparing for a new move by 2021, compounded by COVID-19 and epidemic-related concerns, is a whole new level. Or with the help of a travel company, travel will not only take a few days and require heavy workloads, but it will also require you to take extra steps to keep yourself safe, loved ones, and anyone who helps you with travel.
Honestly, there is a lot to consider. Fortunately, there are a few steps you can take early to make travel less painful than it could otherwise be.
Tip 1: If possible, do your paperwork ahead of time
Frequent move requires changing your permanent address. Key documents, websites, and service providers will all need to be contacted. Taking care of these steps ahead of time will allow you to check out this activity on your list and focus entirely on your new home when you arrive.

If you go from state to state, however, you have an additional obligation to obtain a new driver’s license again. Like addressing policy changes, many states have a deadline to change your old license to a new one, so be sure to check your new DMV website to understand when the new license will be required.

Tip 2: Pack with both short-term and long-term trips in mind
In a sense, the state-of-the-art movement is like a road trip and an all-encompassing journey. Not only do you pack up all your belongings to transport it, but you also plan to use at least a day or two of a road trip to reach your new destination.

Before you reach the final stages of packing, always make sure you take the time to pack your suitcases (and, if applicable, your family) that will include everything you will need for the next few days on the road:

  • Face masks and hand sanitizer
    Changes of clothes
    ID’s and documentation
  • Tip 3: Choose an experienced interstate moving service.
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