Tips for Packing Your Bedroom – From the Experts

fountain valley moving company 01Tips for Packing Your Bedroom – From the Experts – Fountain Valley

Without a doubt, the hardest part of moving – especially if you’re doing it all on your own – is packing. It takes loads of time and effort to get your whole home packed properly, which is why many people opt to hire the best Fountain Valley moving company for a full-service move, packing included. But if this just doesn’t fit your budget, you can at least take tips from the experts to make the packing process easier. Here are seven expert tips for your bedroom.

1.Make piles before you pack boxes

Before you start packing boxes, sort everything into your bedroom into one of three piles: keep, essential, or toss.

The keep pile should be full of things you love and wear frequently enough to justify the space in your closet. Then, you’ll pull some items out of that pile for the essential pile. This is the pile of items that you’ll actually need between now and moving day. Out of this pile, you’ll also pack a personal suitcase that you’ll keep with you on moving day, so you can easily get to the clothes you need for your first day or two in your new home.

In the toss pile, put any items that you don’t need anymore, or that you haven’t used or worn in a while. These items should make their way out of your home before you even start packing.

2.Toss out the toss pile

Once you’ve sorted through your bedroom, decide how you’ll deal with the pile of things you no longer want or need. If you have items from around the house to get rid of, consider having a garage sale. It’s a good way to offload what you don’t need while making extra money. If you don’t have time to arrange a sale, take everything to your local secondhand store, instead. This is a simpler process, and it still accomplishes your goal of getting rid of things before you pack.

Yes, it takes time to get rid of those items before you pack. But you’ll be happier in the long run, as unpacking will take less time, and you’ll have an organized closet to begin with in your new home.

3.Be choosy about boxes

For some of the items in your bedroom, you can use cheaper boxes. Your tee-shirts don’t require special treatment. In fact, you can pack items in a trash bag, if you decide to. But for higher-quality items, consider buying good boxes like hanging wardrobe boxes. These can help keep formal wear and business suits from wrinkling during the moving process, saving you on dry cleaning costs.

If you’re planning to store any items during the moving process, be sure to invest in heavier-duty boxes. They’ll stay in better shape during storage, so that your clothing and shoes and other items will be well protected.

4.Keep the dressers full

Certain Fountain Valley moving companies will have weight limits on furniture like this, so check with your moving company. But if your dresser can easily be picked up while the drawers are full, you can likely leave them full for the move. Just use plastic to wrap the drawers shut so that they don’t slide open while the dresser is being moved. That gives you fewer items to find boxes for!

5.Use a mattress bag

Your mattress is probably the most important item in your bedroom, and you definitely don’t want it ruined during your move. The best movers will strive to take care of your mattress, but even the best movers can’t protect everything from dirt and dust. So take the additional step of investing in a heavy-duty plastic mattress bag, which will keep your mattress protected during the moving process.

6.Decide how to move your valuables

If you have valuable jewelry, artwork, or other items in your bedroom, talk to your movers. Many will require additional insurance for items worth a certain dollar amount. You can get around this requirement, though, by packing up your valuables and taking them in your own vehicle to your new home.

7.Clean while packing

Since you’ll want to leave your home or apartment clean on moving day, it’s a good policy to clean each room as you’re packing. This can save you time on moving day. If all trash is picked up, and all surfaces are dusted, you’ll just need to run a vacuum cleaner after the movers are done.