Odd Moving Tips for moves to Ladera Ranch

ladera ranch moving companies 02Ten Odd Moving Tips that Work

Moving – especially packing – can be difficult. Maybe you’re thinking of hiring the best Ladera Ranch moving company to tackle the details of packing and moving for you. This can be a huge time-saver. But if you’re planning to do some or all of your own packing, you’ll want to use these ten odd, but helpful, moving tips:

1.Have a garage sale

You may think there’s no possible way that you could have time for a garage sale before you move. But hear us out! Getting rid of excess stuff not only makes packing easier, but also saves you money on your move. Since movers charge according to how much stuff you have to move, a garage sale could save you serious money – not to mention making it easier to unpack in your new home.

2. Take photos

Don’t have directions for how to put your furniture together anymore? Any time you take apart a piece of furniture, snap pictures of each step in the process. Taking things apart is typically more intuitive than putting them together. When you’re in your new home, you can check out the pictures in reverse so putting furniture back together is easy.

3. Use double fitted sheets on mattresses

The best way to protect mattresses from dust and grime during the moving process is to stick fitted sheets on them. You can use one sheet on the front, stand the mattress up, and put one on the back. But don’t use your good sheets. Instead, pick some up for a few bucks at a local thrift store.

4. Use suitcases to pack books

Books can be a pain to pack because they’re so heavy. They can easily bust the bottom out of even heavy-duty cardboard boxes. And they’re hard to lift! Skip the hassle, and pack your books in rolling suitcases. You have to take your suitcases along anyway, so they may as well serve double duty!

5. Stuff things into the gaps

Some people prefer to empty all their furniture before moving. But, actually, this is a waste of space. Unless your furniture is full of heavy things that just makes it difficult to move, you’ll find that it’s better to leave it full. Stuff every gap you can find with small items, so you cut down on the number of boxes you need. Then, use plastic wrap to seal drawers shut for moving.

6. Clean socks are great for packing

You have to pack your socks anyway, so why not make them do double duty? Socks are great for wrapping around small, breakable items. You can also use them for packing stemware and glasses. Just slide the glasses or stemware down into the sock, and you’re ready to pack it.

7. Cut handles into boxes

Boxes are much easier to move if they have handles. But most moving boxes don’t come with handles. That’s easy to fix, though! Just cut small hand holds into the sides of boxes, and you’ve got instant handles. This works best for small to medium sized boxes that are not too full of heavy items.

8. Use bags for off-season items

Comforter bags, which you can get for just a few bucks at a dollar store, are great for storing off-season items. For instance, if you have camping or hiking or skiing gear you use infrequently, store it in these bags. They zip shut, and it’s easy to find your items in the clear bags later on.

9. Use paper towel and toilet paper rolls for jewelry

Tangling jewelry can be a big problem during the moving process. Instead of dealing with untangling all your jewelry, pack necklaces and bracelets in paper towel or toilet paper rolls. Simply thread the jewelry through the roll, fasten it together, and then it won’t get tangled.

10. Try specialized packing tape

These days, you can find all sorts of moving and packing conveniences online. One great option is to buy labeled packing tape. Each roll has the name of a different room on it. Choose one roll for each room in your new home, and you can label boxes as you tape them shut.

All these tips should help make your move a simpler, more streamlined process. The best Ladera Ranch movers can also help, but if you’re packing on your own, use these tips for a smoother move.