Mission Viejo Movers “No Move” List

mission viejo moving companiesAs moving day gets closer for you, you’ve likely already chosen a Mission Viejo moving company that fits the bill. In this case, you’ll need to start communicating with your movers about your upcoming move. You’ll need to know the basics, like when the moving company will be arriving to pack your things. But you should also ask about other details – like any items that the movers may not be able to handle for you.

Some people are surprised to hear that moving companies can’t necessarily handle every single item in their home. But movers are sometimes restricted by the DOT. The government tells them what they can and cannot haul, depending on a huge variety of factors. So sometimes, they movers really can’t haul the things you need moved.

Luckily, the best Mission Viejo movers will be up front with you about these restrictions, and they may even help you find alternative options if you need some of these items moved. But just so you are aware, here are five things that moving companies commonly won’t handle for you:

1.Large or awkward items

Of course any moving company worth its salt is going to be able to take your sectional couch to your new home, no problem. Here, we’re talking about exceptionally large items like pianos, hot tubs, and pool tables. These are sometimes items that require extra care and equipment to move, and not all movers are set up for these things.

If your Mission Viejo movers won’t handle these large, heavy items for you, they likely know another local specialized company that can.

2. Hazards

Moving companies are restricted by similar rules as the Post Office. You know those Post Office signs that say they can’t ship hazardous items, like flammable goods, explosives, or corrosive liquids? Those same rules pretty much apply to moving companies.

This is one to have a conversation about, though, since some moving companies take the restrictions further than others. For instance, if you’re paying for a full-service move, make sure that your movers will pack and haul any household cleaning supplies hiding under the kitchen sink.

3. Live animals

This one’s kind of a no-brainer. You can’t pack Fido on the moving truck. But you also can’t expect the movers to handle your fish tank full of live fish or even your huge hamster cage with your hamsters still inside it. They’re just not set up to handle live animals.

What movers can do, though, is handle the large tanks and cages that are used for some smaller animals. In fact, the best movers can even help you with custom crating to protect those large, expensive crates from scratches during the moving process. You’ll just have to move the live animals to a smaller container to take them with you in your own vehicle.

4. Perishable food

Most moving companies will pack and haul unopened, non-perishable items like cereals and canned goods. But they won’t handle open or perishable food items for obvious reasons. You should work on cleaning out your pantry and fridge before the move. Eat takeout every night the week before if you must! Anything to avoid having to pack up opened milk jugs and ketchup bottles to haul to your new home.

5. Personal items

This one is a bit tricker, since moving companies, by their very nature, are handling some of your most personal items. But what we’re talking about here is the most personal of the personal – passports, essential paperwork, family keepsakes, expensive jewelry, etc. If you have items in this category (who doesn’t?) you’re better off keeping them with you for the ride. You’ll feel better, and you’ll still have access to these essential items in case something should happen to the moving company or its van.

Also, be sure to keep a box or suitcase packed with overnight essentials – prescriptions, a change of close, personal care items, etc. These are items that you may need if there’s a problem during your move – or if you simply don’t want to start unpacking boxes in your new home until the next morning after the move.

Even the best Mission Viejo moving companies have their limits. So when you’re ready to move, be sure to ask about details like these. What will your movers handle, and what will they not handle? Some movers won’t pack certain items – like household cleaners – but they’ll move the box that contains them. It varies from one company to the next, which is why it’s important to ask the questions before your moving day.