Laguna Woods Movers Don’t Move Everything

laguna woods moving companiesAs you prepare for your big moving day, communicating with your Laguna Woods moving company is essential. You need to know the plan, as far as getting ready to move. One of the many things you need to know from your mover is their rules and requirements.

Many movers have a list of rules and requirements about what they won’t be able to move for you. You might be surprised at this list. After all, you are paying the best Laguna Woods movers to move all your household goods, right? But most moving companies are only licensed to carry basic household goods, and the DOT actually restricts them from carrying certain things. Other companies have stricter rules because they don’t want to handle the liability of carrying certain items.

The items that a moving company refuses to carry tend to be similar from one company to the next. But this isn’t a universal rule. Some companies have more flexibility because they have more DOT authorizations. Others are less strict with liability requirements, and still others have even stricter requirements due to insurance.

So you’ll definitely want to check with your Laguna Woods movers about their requirements and restrictions as to the things they can’t or won’t move for you. If you’re wondering what some of the common restrictions are, though, here are some things most moving companies won’t haul:

1.Personal goods

Of course, anything in your home is technically a personal item. But many moving companies will caution customers from sending incredibly valuable or sentimental items in the moving truck. Though the best Laguna Woods movers will take great care with your items, things still happen. So you may just feel more secure if your very valuable or sentimental items are close to you throughout the moving process.

Movers typically won’t move things like your prescription medications. There’s a lot of liability involved with this, and you might need your medications during the move. In fact, it’s a great idea to pack a separate box of things you might need during the move. If it takes the movers more than one day to get the truck to your new home and unpacked, you’ll want to have personal care items, a change of clothes, and any medications on hand.

2. Hazardous items

Moving restrictions for hazardous items tend to be similar to shipping restrictions – and for similar reasons. Moving trucks are often licensed for standard freight and household goods – not for transporting hazardous items like things that might explode. So if you need to move fireworks or a full gas can, you’ll have to take those things in your own vehicle.

You may want to check, too, if your yard equipment needs to be drained before the movers will take it. Often times, they won’t take your mower, for instance, unless you’ve drained the gasoline because of the risk of fire and other hazards.

3. Live animals

Once again, you run into an issue of authorization here. Carriers need special permissions to carry live animals. Plus, moving vans aren’t equipped to safely carry animals. They get way too hot! So you’ll need to find another option for transporting your lizard, fish, or dog to your new home.

If you’re preparing for a long-distance move and aren’t sure how to get your pets moved with you, consult with your movers. They may not be able to handle the process for you, but they might be able to advise you as to who can. The best Laguna Woods movers may be able to direct you to resources for getting your animals to your new home.

4. Perishables

Moving perishables is a pain, no matter how you cut it. And most moving companies are just not going to deal with it – not least because their extra-hot trucks would make a mess of your leftover gallon of milk. This is why it’s important to work on eating your perishable goods before you move, so you don’t have as much to move.

Plan to eat a bunch of takeout in the week before moving, so you can avoid the grocery store. And then be sure that on moving day you’re ready to pack up and transport any perishable goods – including things like salad dressing and ketchup – to your new home.

Again, remember that this isn’t a universal list. Different moving companies will have different rules and restrictions. This is why it’s important to talk with your Laguna Woods moving company before you start packing. They’ll provide you with their specific rules and regulations so that you can be prepared on moving day.