Ladera Ranch Moving Mistakes


Ten Moving Mistakes You’ll Want to Avoid

As you’re ready to plan your next move, you’ll want to avoid all the mistakes you can so that the process is simpler. These are the top ten mistakes that moving customers often make, and how you can avoid them.

1. Not getting an early start.

Sometimes, an unexpected, last-minute move just happens. But if you have a choice, plan your move as early as possible. As soon as you know you’re ready to move, start planning. You’ll smooth out many potential mistakes just with this one easy step.

2. Not researching your moving company.

As you’re preparing to move, take the time to properly research your moving company. Many disreputable companies exist today. Make sure your movers are licensed with the California Department of Transportation. Then, ensure that the company you choose has good customer reviews, so you know you’ll have a great experience, too.


3. Ignoring the contract.

It’s easy to ignore the contract with a moving company, and to just take them at their word. But if there are any miscommunications about your needs and the moving company’s costs, those will show up in the contract. Take time to read through the contract to ensure that all your moving needs will be met, and that you aren’t spending unnecessary money on services you don’t need.

4. Forgetting about free resources.

When you’re budgeting for your move, you might need to take advantage of “free” where you can get it. Packing your home on your own is one way to save. If you do this, you can save even more by picking up secondhand boxes and packing materials from friends, and even from local stores. It’s not a lot, but this step can save you some money.

5. Using the wrong boxes.

The best way to be sure that your boxes don’t get too heavy to move comfortably is to use the properly sized box for each thing you pack. Bulkier items should go in larger boxes, and small, dense items should be packed in small boxes. This will keep the overall weight of your boxes similar, and ensure that the bottoms don’t fall out of too-heavy boxes.

6. Not double-checking furniture.

It’s easy to assume that your current furnishings will fit easily into your new home, unless you’re downsizing. This isn’t always the case, though. New configurations of rooms can make a difference. Measure your new home and your furniture. Before your move, offload any furniture you won’t use in your new home. This will lower your moving bill and make it more convenient when you’re in your new home.

7. Skipping labels on boxes.

Whether you or your Ladera Ranch movers are packing up your home, be sure that all the boxes are labeled appropriately. Labeling boxes will make unpacking easier. Plus, if you tell movers where to take the boxes by labeling them appropriately, you’ll save yourself some time after your move.

8. Failing to update your address.

Updating your address with the Post Office takes just a few minutes online. You should do this as soon as you can after you have a new address, so that you avoid missing any mail during your transition period. You’ll also need to update your address with banks, creditors, friends and family, and others who send you mail.

9. Throwing away receipts.

You may be able to deduct your moving-related expenses from your federal income taxes. If so, you’ll definitely need to keep your receipts. If you are able to claim this expense on your taxes, you’ll need to keep these receipts for the five to seven years required by the IRS. You’ll want those receipts should you ever be audited!

10. Packing items the movers can’t handle.

Even the most thorough Ladera Ranch moving company can’t handle everything in your home. Part of the restriction is the moving company’s own restrictions. Part of it is federal restrictions against moving companies transporting potentially hazardous materials. Take time to get a list of these items from your moving company, and make alternative arrangements to get prohibited items to your new home.